Parents End of season meet report

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Our state meet was this weekend and we have two happy girls in the house.:eek: DD2 - L7 went on Saturday - started on bars 9.5 - 1st place, beam - 8.95 - didnt hold handstand - 4th, floor 9.6 - 1st place and lastly vault 9.45 - 1st place, All Around - 37.5 - 1st place - State Champion!!:p She says it still hasnt sunk in! DD1 - L5 competed on Sunday - Vault - 9.1 - 1st Place, Bars 9.050 - 1st, Beam - 8.45 (fell on cartwheel for the first time) Floor 8.8 - 4th place. Tied for first with a 35.4 but took second in the all around, state champ on bars and vault! Both teams took first place and the girls are looking forward to trying new skills!:):):)
Congratulations! Those are some terrific scores and great accomplishments!:applause:
:jump:Two state champs in one weekend!!!! That is awesome!!!Congratulations to both of your talented DD's!!!:applause::applause::applause::applause:
Great job! How exciting to have 2 state champs to celebrate with! It's so fun when we parents get to see our kids' hard work rewarded! These moments make all the frustration and tears worth it!
That is soooooo amazing!!!!!! What a great weekend. Congratulations to the entire arcade household!!!!
Wow, that is awesome! You have two super talented gymmies in your house. Congratulations to both of them on being State champs!

What a FUN weekend and HAPPY household! Two state Champs! Congradulation!!
Wowee! Great scores/placement for both! Everyone must be so proud and walking on air right now! Congrats!

So where's the vid?????
Awesome! Great job to your L7! Loved her floor, she is such a performer! And I love that little 'lunge' she does before her vaults. Very cool-looking! She had such a great state meet-very clean all the way through. I am guessing she usually competes well, it shows!

Is there a vid of your L5 dd's State meet? Sorry, maybe I'm just missing it there on your You Tube channel!

Thanks for sharing! :)
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