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Feb 21, 2009
Region 6
I am just curious who tends to hit each event every practice, and if equal time is spent on the events. Do you have a 'schedule' or just rotate when you're done? Also please tell me your level.

We tend to do every event each practice, however one day a week we do dance instead of vault. We probably spend a little more time on floor if you could the warmup 'across the floor' stuff. But in general all events are the same length of time. We tend to fit tramp in with vault or once a week have it for an entire rotation. Conditioning most days is 45 minutes. We have to follow a pretty close schedule because the gym is so full, but twice a week we have the opportunity for open gym time with our team coaches which helps to get extra on certain things.
At the moment, my only session in the gym itself is free for us to wander about and ask for coach help when we need it. I've been dreadful about only going on bars (and occasionally rings, for some reason, despite being female) and so I've had to only be on floor and vault the past couple of weeks to catch them up and I'll need one session entirely on beam before my next competition. I can't wait until I move, I'll be split between two gyms but with 8+ hours a week in the gym and goodness knows how many dance classes, I'll get equal time on everything at last!

(I'm in the UK, roughly equivalent to level 4 USAG but after this comp I'm moving on to all new skills)
Not really, time wise as far as minuets yes, times per week though no. The kids are placed on the events where they need the most work, usually a lot of bars.
I do Xcel (I am gold right now, though sometimes I train with the platinums). Our practices are split up into Diamond, Platinum and 2 groups of gold.
Mondays/Thursdays we condition and stretch for about an hour. They try to have us go to each even for 30 minutes after that. Floor usually backs us up though, having to do routines and warm up tumbling before hand.

Saturdays we condition for maybe an hour again maybe a little less. Then we all go to floor (this practice is Diamonds/Silver [we only have 1 silver at our gym though] and extra practice for golds/platinums so the number of girls is much smaller than weekdays). We all do our floor routine for the group, having to smile at the girls lined up around the floor. Then we usually split up and one group go to bars and one go to beam (our trouble areas). I don't know how long these last, probably maybe 45 minutes each? maybe 30.

edited to add: Sundays we have open gym for an hour and a half. That is our time to choose what we want. Very few girls attend so we get specialized attention.
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I'm Xcel Gold/Platnium, not sure yet. We have 4 days a week. We vault once a week, do floor and beam 3 times a week, and do bars everyday. It's about 45 minutes every rotation. We do dance once a week too.
In JO we had a schedule and would go to every event every day as well as a strength rotation at the end a couple days a week or as a normal event rotation if we were short coaches. We'd spend an equal amount of time on every event, except on Tuesday and Saturday which were "long-bars-days", so we did another event "long" too and that event was either floor or beam. I was JO level 9.
In college club we have 3 rotations and sometimes a strength rotation if there are enough people still at practice. I'm pretty sure the rotations are all similar in length. On Wednesday (our first practice yay!) the rotations were bars/beam, tumble-track/vault/rod-floor, and the competition floor; but you can technically do whatever you want. We don't even have a coach. College club is different, no levels here, but fun-facts: scoring at meets is based on JO level 9 I'm pretty sure. So I could actually get okay scores on everything except beam, given I can tumble and vault without pain.
Very interesting. It seems a lot of programs vault less than the other events.

I am a level 8 btw. But all our optionals follow the same schedule other than level 8+ 5 days/week and 5-6 3-4 days/week.
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I'm a level 9 and we spend about 45 minutes on every event except on Monday and Tuesday's floor is an hour so we have time to do floor routines, and on Monday and Friday bars is an hour on those days vault is 30 minutes
At my gym, we have a rotation schedule, but it's almost never adhered to. Usually, we spent about 45 minutes on floor and beam. Bars usually goes really long; people often get "stuck" on bars for over an hour. I honestly never do vault. I haven't done it in about 3 weeks (I realize this is bad).
We do 45 minutes of warm up and stretch. Then we do 45 of three events and 30 of strength. The event we don't do we do the next day.
We usually do three full event rotations and split one event in half for conditioning. Each rotation is about forty minutes so one day could be 40 minutes of stretch/warmup/light conditioning, then 40 minutes of bars, 40 minutes of beam, 40 minutes of floor, and then last rotation split, so 20 minutes of vault, 20 minutes of conditioning. Then for the remaining time we do stretch down/cool down.
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