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Sep 4, 2009
Anyone catch any coverage of the European championships? I was struck by 2 things - Romanian are looking pretty strong and it's so great to see WOMEN sticking with the sport and competing at the highest level. Ponor looked AMAZING and add in Izbasa, Ferrari, Chuso and Tweddle(who skipped Euros but hopefully will be good for London) and the women are starting to give the men a run for their money in the career longevity department, great to see!
We watched it. Obviously we were sooooo excited to watch Hannah Whelan reap her first major medals for GB - she's been so consistent at the heart of the team for a few years but she just looked like she shifted it up a gear, exuded confidence and had a ball. And it paid off!
You're right the Romanian team looked very strong, very classy, very elegant. Ponor = gorgeous. The Russians looked to be lacking belief? And there were some very strong individual performances from other countries.
I love the fact that there are amazing gymnasts still working it well beyond their teens.
Good stuff.

Looking forward to the mens where I, for one, believe that team GB could go for gold :D
I followed it on twitter and other 'quick hits' sites - Only just getting to watch it now as I type.
I was so happy to see Musty back even if she still doesn't look 100% - I'm sure she'll be ready for the Olympics! But yes, I agree, not their strongest competition so far.
I love Romania, always have, always will! Simple as that!
Great Britain minus Beth and Becky Downie were brilliant - Shame they couldn't have saved their qualifying performance for TF but really really pleased for them - Quite a young team and relatively inexperienced in some cases. Even Danusia hasn't had a great deal of international experience at senior level due to injuries so I was pleased to see her fulfilling her potential! And of course, SO pleased for Hannah Whelan.
Of the other teams, Carlotta Ferlito never fails to impress me, and it was really great that Belgium made the team final on home soil!
Not watched EFs yet so I might be able to comment on some of the others shortly!
The coverage is on bbc1 this afternoon according to the bg website :)

Off to set the recorder...very interested to see ponor, loved her in beijing.
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