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Just my opinion:
TF - USA, China, Russia
AA - Biles, Sunisa Lee, Listunova
VT - Biles, Skinner, Steingruber
UB - Sunisa Lee, Fan Ilin, Nina Derwael
BB - Biles, Ou Yushan, Guan Chengcheng
FX - Biles, Murakami, Listunova
TF - Japan, China, Russia
AA - Hashimoto, Sun Wei, Nagorny
FX - Dolgopyat, Xiao Ruoteng, Nagorny
PH - Petrov, Kameyama, Tomasson
SR - Lu Yan, Elephterios Petrunias, Yu Chao
VT - Tanigawa, Radivilov, Narorny
PB - Zou Zhinguan, Lukas Dauser, Farhat Arikan
HB - Uchimura, Hashimoto, Malony

Deleted member 26744

Lady Triple Back, you must be a Biles fan.

FX - A tie between Mai Murakimi (I just watched her after seeing you pick her) or
Brooklyn Moors
VT - Not sure
Beam - Yushan or Chenchen
Uneven Bars - Not sure yet
AA - Not sure yet, perhaps one of the Chinese girls
Team - I think I'd like to see the Chinese win. They have a timeless elegant style that I enjoy.
Not open for further replies.