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Definitely not! There are a lot of people who start late. You might not make it all the way to elite before you graduate HS but you can still have a lot of fun with it and get pretty far if you start now.
it is NEVER too late to start gymnastics... i just started coaching team, and one of the girls is 13 and going to level 7 BUT she was a level 4 just a year ago! she's won state meets and everything. she's a prime example that if you work really hard you can do anything! :]

have you ever done any gymnastics whatsoever? like do you know how to do a basic forward roll, handstand or cartwheel? starting at a later age it's a lot easier to move up quicker because you're more able to listen to instruction, understand better, and fix what the coach says needs to be fixed.

well good luck, let us know how it goes!
You can start gymnastics at any age, we have teenagers starting all the time, in fact we have adults starting all the time. Most gyms offer beginners classes for teens so you wont feel out of place. You could train for fun and fitness or work towards becoming a competitive gymnast. I know of people who have been incredible competitive gymnasts and they have started 10, 20 or even 30 years later than you.
It's never too late, as everyone has already pointed out. I started gymnastics when I turned thirteen as well. It was rough at times because everyone was younger than me, but I worked my butt off and got myself on team at fourteen and I progressed through the levels from there. If you're willing to work hard, go for it! Don't listen to what other people say about age and what not. Good luck!
It is never too late. And just think - a lot of girls who started young are quitting at about your age because their bodies are so beat up. You get to go in strong and healthy !!!
heck no it's not too late!! gymnasts can start at any age!!!! Midwest Twisters is a great gym in Wisconsin!! Definetly check it out, you'll love it...There is this cooky coach there but he is super cool and a great coach :)

Let us know if you start, and how you like it please!!!
Of course you can...I didn't start gymnastics until this year and I am a freshman in high school!!! Now I am competing at level 6, level 7; on different events! You go girl and it is NEVER too late to start gymnastics!;):)
:);)hey it is never too late to start as long as u try im here in missouri and i started when i was 5 but im just a level8 going on 9 so it isnt too late reply when u start i will give u some hints bout skills if u haveing [roblems:cool:
hey, i've competed in Wisconsin before - what gym are you going to be going to??
i know this sounds cliche but it's never too late to start gymastics. i started getting more seriously shortly before \high school and had very few skills coming in but i just fell in love with the sport and kept working and by junior and senior year i was able to compete on my varsity team.

i see ur from milwaukee there are a lot of excellent gyms in southeastern wisconsin
I say go for it. I WOULD LOVE to join the Adult class here (i am just shy of 30)! And its way cheaper hten the kids classes :) but its not till like 9 pm! That is way too late for me. But it looks like so much fun. I have never been able to do a back flip and would love it!
No!!! it's not to late. You still see gymnast who are in their twenty's. It's never to late if you join now you still have about eleven years, so join.
Its never to late to start gymnastics!

I started at 11 and am now 15 and a level 8/9.
You can achieve great things with hard work and great determination:)
hello, im 13 too, i started gymnastics at 7 but got kept down 4 ages cos of our coach, but my friend tried out and she is up 2 our level already, she hasnt done anything 2 do with gymnastics until now and then is up 2 our level! its because older people now their body better! so good luck!
I started gymnastics when I was 12. I did rec and then joined the high school team. I grew up outside of Milwaukee, and there are lots of high schools in the area with gymnastics. It's a great way to do gymnastics with people your own age and skill level. I was never very good, but it didn't matter. I loved what I was doing. I now do adult open gyms for fun, and I've done a lot of coaching and recently started judging. I'm a much better coach and judge than I ever was a gymnast.

The thing that helped me was to remember that I was never going to be as good as the kids who started when they were six. I was in it for myself, and I was my own competition. As long as I was improving and having fun, I was happy. I never compared my scores or skills to other gymnasts because I would have lost every time.

Salto has a class for high school gymnasts in the summers - you may want to check it out in preparation for high school if you do decide to go in that direction. Also, if you want to do high school, maybe talk to a high school coach to decide what skills to work on - it's very different than USAG. Or feel free to PM me.
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