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Jan 4, 2008
What sort of skill level is the typical excel gold?

I have a gymnast from the US who has asked for lessons and has said she is excel gold level.

Just wonder where that will fit into my programs?
It's a range... about U.S. DP Levels 4-6 (I have no idea if you have different levels)
If I'm going typical, I would guess about:
  • Front handspring or maybe tsuk timer vault
  • Bars is a range of skills: I have seen pullover/BHC/squat on/tap swings to half turn dismount and routines with a kip, clear hip and flyaway.
  • Handstand + cartwheel on beam, though I've also seen BWO or doing something like a handstand and backward roll
  • At least a ROBHS, but I see a lot of golds do BHS BT, RO BT, or 2 BHS, the second pass is often an aerial or front tuck.
I would suppose that you need to have this girl come in for a "tryout" just to see exactly where she is at.
At our gym, in order to move to Gold girls have to have: front tuck, ROBHBH, BWO on beam, kip, half on over vault table. My girl is working on back tucks, aerials, BHS on beam, and front handspring over vault table as part of her summer uptraining. I have no idea if this is typical Gold or not though.
Xcel Gold is a big range. Can be anywhere from DP 3-5 and the level can be different on each apparatus. Really depends on the gym. For example, our gym requires a kip, but other gym's girls compete with pullovers. And the range of meeting skill requirements is big too. On floor some girls have saltos while others don't. Most do compete a fhs vault.
(Previous posts came through while I was working on mine. Sorry for being repetitive).
Since it's Xcel it'd be hard to pinpoint it. Ask her what her routines are. Maybe a level 4 AU? Again, she may be a little below or above, but that's maybe the average.
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