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Aug 18, 2008
Arlington, TX
I just joined CB but felt that if anyone would appreciate this it would be the other parents here.
Today we got a letter from DD Phoebe's gym. The first thing I thought was, I know I paid them on time :) It was a letter inviting her to become part of the High Development program (they said they follow the TOPS program? I will have to look that one up.) She was so excited, she was actually supposed to start in September but declared "we just have to go to today!" The coach that selects the girls thought it was so funny that she let her start early.
It was longer then she is used to but she didn't even notice.
We are super proud of her!

:pCongrats to your DD. It is a time consuming, expensive sport and even heart breaking at time but, well worth it.
How cute! You can search tops on the CB, you will find some threads about it. I am sure she'll have fun.
Congrats to your gymmie! How very exciting! The USAG website has lots of information about TOPs. :: USA Gymnastics :: If you follow this link and check the menu on the right, there is a drop down menu all about TOPs. Hope it helps!
That's so awesome! :applause: Enjoy her journey through all the levels. The proud moments never go away. It's such a good feeling when your dd gets recognized like that. It helps, too, that she has a love for the sport already.
That is awesome! Tell her to keep up the hard work and keep having fun! It is amazing that they seem to just want more and more no matter how long they are at the gym. LOL.
Welcome to CB where bragging is always encouraged! Too funny about getting a letter and the first thought is about tuition! I feel like all I do is pay & right now have to make out 2 checks this month, one for tuition & one for the 1st installment of assessment fees. OUCH! Anyway, CONGRATS to your DD on her promotion and TOPS training. Our gym just started this year with a seperate TOPS team that went to the test, but we do have TOPS training incorperated into our pratices already since my DD got on L4 last year. The TOPS team is some extra training & my DD really wants to get onto the team this year. So, your gym may incorperate into the training or they may have a seperate team, or both! We do it all year round as it really helps them with their strength & skills. Your DD sounds very enthusiastic, hope she loves it as much as my DD does. My DD didn't even blink at the increase in hours either going from pre-team (4 hrs) to L4 (10 1/2 hrs). even a year later she would stay in there 24 hrs/7 days a week if I let her.

Good Luck & can't wait to hear all about the skills she learns!
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