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flippin dreamer

What exercises can I do and what can I practice at home before I finally go to my first gymnastics practice???


flippin dreamer

Oh ad by the way, I am just starting gymnastics. I am 15. I am probably level 2 or 3 but my goal is to be 3 or 4 soon and eventually make it to 6! (I don't know why, but 6 is the goal I chose!).
I think I am going to start at an adult class, tumbling class and possibly cheer class, that way I can get as much practice as possible with out having to be in class with little kids.

Any ideas on things I can do at my house to help my strength and flexibilty and anything so that I can progress as quickly as possible? And how often should I practice? Right now I am not in any classes(soon though!!).
Currently I do about an hour of conditioning on Sundays. Practice 4:30-7 on Mondays, 5- 6:30, and 5-7 on Thursdays.
I do stuff like practice cartwheels, roundoffs, stretch(thats mostly what I do, trying to get my split and I have a leg problem so stretching helps!), walkovers(even though I can't do these yet!), use my couch as a pit and vault, lol, and go on the trampoline.

Also, I hae a leg injury from dancing for years(my hamstring has something wrong with it, idk,) but I am in physical therapy twice a week.

I am devoted, and will do anything I can to be a gymnast! Serioulsy, my life revolves around gymnastics right now!!

So please ANY help is really really APPRECIATED!!!:):D:)

Thank you dearly for replying!


New Member
Jan 26, 2008
Omg, i am 15 anjust started gymnastics a fiew ( 2 or 3 ) weeks ago! im glad im not the only one to start so late. well i take two privates a week and attend open gym. (privates so im not with young kids ) well i would practice easy stuff so you can go right to the important things at your lesson. for example, kartwheels on both sides, yes een on your bad leg, smae with roundoffs, handstands ( holding them! a tip that helped me soooo much was to kick up to a wall and hold a handstand against a wall for a long time. ) loots of bridges, trak to put your feet on the couch and bridge up ... then kick over, soo much easier. also i do crunches and pushups so practice those before so your prepared. i just got my back hip circle, and im workin on my back handspring but it was my first attempt today, so im almost level four now and when i get my bhs im going to go to team gymnastics instead of privates. ps. congrats ! i was in your shoes not too long ago and im still obsessed its an amazing sport!
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