extra conditioning ??????

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I condition all the time at home and I'm a level 8 trying to go 9. I go to a rec gym, so we only go 3-4 days a week for 3 1/2-4 hours. So on the days I don't have practice I try to condition. Since we have such short practices we only get in at most 30 minutes of conditioning each practice. Some days I just rest, but most I'll do some type of conditioning. Since its summer I do conditioning that works the muscles that need to be stronger for new skills I want. And I constantly work my arms and abs because those are my weakest things.
I usually do 1-3 hours of conditioning/stretching. It seems like its a long time, but if you have a list and motivated time flies.
I like to watch tv a lot (tv shows these days are just so addicting..lol ) so instead of being a couch potato, every time commercials come on I do 5 push-ups for every commercial. Each commercial break I switch the type of push-up (regular, wide, diamond, and the ones with your arms right next to your body). I chose 5 because a.)my arms are weak. and b.) commercials are like 30 seconds, so I want a number I know I can do over and over. Because there usually 6-7 commercials each commercial break.
I also do splits almost everyday. I do over splits, splits with my back leg bent up against a wall, splits with my entire back leg up, and just on the floor.


i made up conditioning routines that i do every day.. the amount varies each day (on wed. i only do over splits, because we have longer practices than normal) and every other day, i usually do about 15 mins of conditioning and splits. i am a level 7 and i train about 13 hours a week. :)


I have always heard you should do major muscle workout only every other day. Any thoughts on this?

Something popular in gymnastics. However, gymnastics conditioning is not centered or should be on bodybuilding though too often it is.

It will vary from gymnast to gymnast and person to person on their ability to recover in general and day2day. It also depends on how fatigued those muscles became. So, really-it depends. A longer a gymnast has trained, the more they will/should be able to do and quicker to recover from it. Things that help recovery or proper rest, nutrition, hydration, and things like massge, vibration stretching, icing/heat, etc.
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