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Jun 9, 2009
ok.. so i do gymnastics at the Ymca. and my coach is leaving!!! she is pregnant and idk the whole story about why she is leaving, i just know she is! :( anyways the director person at the Y comes up to me and tells me that my old coach is gonna be the new coach! aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! ok.... dont get me wrong, i love the old coach. but the problem is she tries to be friends with her gymnasts. and like at every competition, it seemed like we argued! i just dont know what to do!!! i cant switch gyms because there arent anymore where i live unless i drive like an hour. but that wont work because i do other sports too! =/

what should i do??
What do you do?

Figure out if gymnastics means enough to you to try try just a little harder.

You do not need to be friends with your coaches, but you do need to get along. Setting limits and speaking up for what you need will serve you well in all aspects of life.

If you argue at meets, tell your coach outright that at meets you like to stay focused, and that only giving information or reminders about your routine/the meet would greatly help you concentrate. If s/he goes off in another direction, simply remind them of the conversation and walk away to regroup.

You need to make sure you follow through, as well. Don't go asking things or making comments when s/he is in ear shot, which will draw their attention. Make it clear that there is a separation.

You may lose "favor" with this coach, but oh well. You are there for gymnastics, not to make a friend.

oh thats not fun :(
my coach is pregnant andgoing on a leave soon, but she isnt my main coach.
I Agree with Ryan, think about if gymnastics means enough to you to push through this hardship.
keep us posted -- good luck
It really sucks when coaches have to leave. I had the same coach from pre team to the end of level 6 leave and the gym was definitely different for a while. On my first day with a brand new coach I pulled in on a flyaway, hit my feet on the bar, and face planted onto the mat. It was not fun, but eventually it got better. It'll take some getting used to, but all your friends and teammates will still be there. It's not the the end of the world. Just be patient and give it some time.
Not open for further replies.