Falling Asleep in Splits

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Has anyone ever falling asleep in a split??? Was it hard to sleep? I mean obviously it was hard, but how did you do it if you did lol
I'm actually thinking about trying to fall asleep in one of my splits lol
Feb 8, 2008
My coach told us that she used to wake up in her split the day before a meet or any other time that she was thinking lots about gymnastics. Once I couldn't sleep cause I couldn't get comfy so I sat in a split for a while and tried to sleep and then when I stopped I was much more comfortable and fell asleep!


I did! I always took my notes for AP world while sitting splits; I remembered the material better. Anyway, the day after Sadies, I was so tired because I'd gone to an afterparty, and low and behold, I fell asleep doing my homework in the splits. I was tryin so hard to stay awake, too!
I fell asleep in my split one time during flexibilty training at gym, and then I woke up and remembered where i was, it was pretty funny. But the longest I've ever held my split for was 20 min. I couldn't feel my leg when I stood up again. :p


I just tried it last night! I tried to fall asleep in a frog split (middle split w/bent knees) it actually worked for like 10 mins and then i thought of how uncomfortable it was and I couldn't get my mind off of it so i ended up coming out of it. but I actually got pretty sleepy so I think I can do it tonight. plus if anything I can just sleep in on saturday before practice!

if anyone else tries it, let me know how it goes!
Jul 21, 2007
Hey everyone,

I don't actually think it's that good of an idea to fall asleep in splits because I think it can cause like your legs to go numb and stuff but that is just something I have heard before so don't quote me.

But I used to sleep in a straddle stretch just laying with my belly on the ground and it was quite comfy :D so maybe splits are the same way!!


Yeah, I never thought to do it on purpose, but I guess I was tired enough that one day.
Lol i have fallen asleep in my middle and front splits. Im really flexible so my splits are just as comfortable as sitting. I was watching tv one day in middle splits lying forward on the ground and fell asleep like that. And for my front splits...basically i dont need much sleep so a lot of the time i wake up in the middle of the night like ive had a full nights sleep and cant sleep again until ive done something to burn off some energy. So one night i decided to read in splits (being a gymnast its only natural lol!) and woke up in splits with my head against the wall and my book on the floor lol. My mum had come in to wake me up earlier and when she found me like that she left me and just took a picture. Cos I slept in (she hates alarm clocks so always wakes me up and that day she didnt) I was late for practice so when we got there my coach was mad. My mum went up to him and showed him the picture and was like "Sorry she was doing some home practice!" My coach has found it hilarious ever since and whenever i win split hold competitions he tells everyone its cos im so keen that i practice in my sleep lol!!
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Nov 29, 2008
Minn eee sooo ta! :)
well, i did fall asleep in my split one time. If you're going to do it, pick a day that you have nothing to do on, cuz walking the next day is a minor technical difficulty. lol. I just got in my split, put my pillow on my front leg, and went to sleep. I was a lot younger, but i got my split down!


I have fell asleep in them plenty of times before i actually just layed down in splits in my bed at night then wake up in the morning and be in a split!!!
Jul 27, 2009
my friend did once. she said it helped her splits and she could get them all the way down, but she couldn't barely walk the next day. i wouldn't do it before you have a meet or anything though. that might be bad!
Jul 28, 2009
yeah i have! my splits have never really hurt, so it's never really been hard to fall asleep in them. i woke up and my leg was numb though. i think i might try what tdiver did and try to fall asleep in a straddle stretch.


Haha. Once at streach at the end of gym, I was really tired and had sorta a rough day and I fell asleep!! lol. My friend had to wake me up. :)


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
I fell asleep in my middle split once! I didn'dt have it all the way down so i put one pillow under me so it would be comforable and got a stack of pillows to lay my upper body on, lol. But when i woke up i wasn't in my split anymore...haha. I have tried to sleep in my right leg split, but it hurt my front knee too much so i would always come out of it.


Hahah. I've never tried before. I have all of my sides down. I see how you could sleep in middle splits but how do you fall asleep in front splits:confused:
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