Fat joke?!

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Oct 15, 2007
Okay so i'm in band at school (i know, i'm a nerd)
and yesterday one of the girls in my section asked me "Britt, have you been to the gym lately?" and i was like, "actually, no i've been out for about 2 weeks, why?" she goes "yeah i can totally tell" then she pinched my belly.
WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?! How would you've responded? I laughed it off but i though it was completely inappropriate and could've been left unsaid.

ANYWAY.... i went to Winterfest last weekend. Did anyone else?
(in Gatlinburg, TN)


That is so rude. That was uncalled for from this girl. I would have been very mad if I were you too. Even if she does think you are getting bigger, which I doubt if you have only been out for two weeks, she should have kept it to herself. I defintely agree with you.

What is winterfest?
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Sep 9, 2007
Wow that was harsh!! You should have said something about at least I'm not fat all year round!

She's probably just jealous she isn't a gymmie.
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