OT Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Jul 21, 2007
Okay I know Father's Day isn't till Sunday, but it is already wedensday and I am leaving for diving regionals tommorrow at about 6am and won't return until early sunday. The problem is my dad is going to come and watch me compete (which I am thrilled about!), but because of this I can't really go buy him anything. And it is storming right now so my mom won't let me go anywhere either.

I had the idea of making him a montage of pictures and such of us together and just thanking him for being there for me and things like that. But I don't have too many pictures online so it's going to be hard, and I don't have a song.

So... please if anyone can help me with this, and if you are a Dad what would you want from your child?!

Alright thanks in advance.. it's a little short notice but this is why I need help.



I think the montage is a brilliant idea. Do you listen to country music? There's a fantastic song called "I Loved Her First." There's a lot of father-daughter songs out there. I'm sure you won't have trouble finding one.


Taylor Hicks (American Idol) did a song called "Do I make you proud." Its a nice song, expecially if you do any podium pics. I'm using it in my year end slide show.
Dec 8, 2007
Good Luck at Regionals Tori!
This happened to my mom on mothers day too. I had my state meet. She said she wanted a landed beam, a landed vault, and my legs together on my back extension roll and I did all that so she was happy. lol. Just maybe while your there you could go out to eat somewhere just you and your dad and tell him how much you appreciate him coming to your meet on fathers day? Or write him a poem or something. That montage sounds like a good idea. And yeah you should use the song Shawn suggested. Its a good one.
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