Favorite body part to condition?

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A strange question, yes, but I do love to condition! My answer would be abs or arms/shoulders. What about anyone else???


Nah, not a strange question....there are other people on here who like conditioning too! OK, I hate doing it but afterwards I'm always really glad I did.

I like arms/shoulders first, then abs as a close second. Hate back conditioning but ya gotta do it. Legs and endurance are easy for me because I'm a runner!


I pretty much love everything, but I especially like v-ups and press handstands...and any other handstand variation. Oooh and skin the cats and one-leg candlestick jumps...and both leg! Yeah, like I said, I think I love everything, even back! :p

Geoffrey Taucer

Staff member
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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
Definitely shoulders.

I just started working on rings strength a little over a year ago after not doing rings for three years (and even when I did them, I never did any high-level strength skills), and discovered that rings strength is actually a lot of fun (especially when there's a mirror in front of my gym's low rings -- it's just so satisfying to hit a cross and be able to see how cool you look doing it)


Some of the polevaulters on my HS track team do rings workouts at my gym. Definitely looks very cool! I'm hoping to possibly join them at some point!


Jun 26, 2007
Ontario, Canada
I like abs the best especially v-ups. I also like rockers but when I'm doing them I barely even feel it. I'm actually somewhat immune to abs conditioning (which is why I like it) because I had to do so much of it after I hurt my wrist 3 years ago.
Mar 5, 2008
North America
My dd loves handstands--does them everywhere. I think she likes conditiioning because they do a lot of it for her Level 4 practices and she never complains about it or says anything to me afterwards. I think she really missed the conditioning, actually. Her first cheer gym they did A LOT of conditioning (she was there for 2 yrs) and then last year we switched to a different gym where conditioning was seriously lacking. She got really bored cause they stood around a lot. NOW at gymnastics, they condition a lot more and they are always working on something. She likes that a lot and LOVES the repetition of it all--she is a perfectionist so gymnastics is great for her!!!
May 3, 2008
Abs and legs. People always tell me I have massive quads and you can see my six pack through my leo. Kind of embarassing but at least they notice. lol.
Jun 21, 2008
Region 3
either ab or beam conditioning. we do hanging sit ups and the back arch things on beam. pretty hard, you can't walk after and your butt feels like its going to fall off, but its great!
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