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May 17, 2009
Hey everyone!! I was wondering, what is your favorite skill to do? Do you have a skill that you wished you had? I wish I had an aerial. I think they look so cool when people do them!! And they look fun too!! Besides answering this thread, could you also state for me how to do an aerial?? (side aerial)


my favorie that i have is the back wip half ! so much fun ......Now the onmw i wish i had was the kip :)
well my favorite skill is a layout flyaway, with a 1/1 twist too. or a branie(sp?) on floor. i wish i had a front aerial. for a side aerial you need to think about throwing you upper body up and heel drive on you legs to get you over. of course my side aerials arent great but i hope it helps
Sep 9, 2007
I always wanted to do an onodi on beam, I was starting to do them badly on floor before I left but they were ugly :( I liked releases on bars and just about everything on beam :)


Umn...when I do a good vault (FHS) it feels so good...I like working any kind of jump, especially turning jumps. I love doing cool basic tumbling connections and long-hang pullovers (but they're scary).

I want, want, want an arial as well. Any kind. I'm not picky. I wish I could do a cast-handstand, a side handstand step-down on beam, and twisting tumbling on floor.


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
My favorite skill is giants on bars. I wish I had a standing back tuck on beam....they look really fun and I want to try them!!

To do an arial, it is all about the push off of the front leg. Before you start, you really have to throw you body into the air by pushing really hard off of your leg. Once you do that, you still have to have a good heal drive and get your chest up on the landing!


My favorite skills would have to be tsukes, giants, switch leaps on the beam, and whips.
-level 8
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Sep 6, 2009
My favorite skills are Roundoff-back-hand-springs, aerials, front-hip-circles, and the level four beam and bar dismount!
My favorite skill is giants! I just got them by myself just under a month ago and I absolutly LOVE them!:D

One skill that I wish I could do would be front aerials. I can do side aerials, but front aerials just look so cool:p
Aug 17, 2009
I wish i could do giants, on strap bar! It looks so much fun! also, a press to handstand on beam, but you have to be super woman or strong to do dat! hahah.


i love front aerials, also wanna get my tsuk soon...and i love kip cast handstands, I always wanted to do an onodi...hmm.
oops :D i forgot my mount, it is a press handstand and pike down through my legs...so i guess you would say to pike support.


my favorite skill right now is front handspring front layout :) I am working on adding a front tuck out of it but not quite there. I wish i had a giant on bars :0


My favorite skills to do are any tumbling, aerials, backhandsprings on beam, and front tuck dismounts off of beam. The skill I want is Giants!!!!

To do an aerial try taking about 3 steps into it push really hard off of your base leg and drive your heels. Don't be afraid to miss your hands! It is tons of fun and you feel like your flying! :) Good Luck and I hope this helped!!
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