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Vault- Uh the only vault I do right now is fhs full so I like those I guess but I can't wait til I get a new vault.
Bars- Giants
Beam- bhs bhs? I like back tuck dismounts! haha I never did them before then at open gym the other night I got my teammate to spot me for one and she thought I was all weird but I was like I don't do them but then I kept doing them by myself haha.
Floor- I like front tumbling. I like throwing random stuff like aerials, front aerials but i only tried that once and it didn't turn out well lol handstand pirouettes press handstands haha alll that stuff
Floor: Either a layout thomas or a piked front one-and-three.
Pommels: None whatsoever. Pommel horse and I are long time enemies.
Rings: Inverted cross. I can't hold them with any consistancy, but it's just so satisfying when you hit one.
Vault: Changes from week to week. Right now I'd say a handspring front half.
P-bars: Kip straddle cut to handstand.
High bar: Giants.
Vault: I only do front handsprings...am working 1/2 on 1/2 off, but not sure I'm liking it
Beam: split leap-straddle jump, front walkovers
Floor: back extension rolls, all jumps excluding wolf( sorry, I just think they're ugly)
Bars: cast handstand, flyaways! (tuck, layout, layout 1/2)

Can you tell I'm more into dance? :p
Vault: Yurchanko half on front off--i don't know what the technical name is
Bars: giants and double layout dismounts
Beam: handstands and that's about all--beam is not my friend
floor: anything tumbling--front or back
My favorites are Bars-doublebacks, Beam-backtuck, Vault-full twist, Floor-front layout. I am not doing these skills yet, but hoping to start them this summer.
bars - shaposhnikova & hindorf

beam - standing full

vault - handspring front full layed out

floor - its a tie between full ins and half in half out
I LOVE beam!!!!

Floor: Double pikes and split leaps.
Vault: I hate vault, but strangely I like praticising yurchenko blocks. Do they count?
Bars: Flyaways and releases. I love doing a jeager (sp?) especially. Kip into straddle handstand.
BEAM :): Any tumble. Pike jumps. Handstands.
what level r u?
I am only a level 6 probally going to 7 soon. I almost have my bhstepout on beam but not great yet, need more work. I cant wait until I can start working harder skills. Our gym teaches us higher level things if we are doing good on our level skills. I know it will be a while before I can try to do some skills though!
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