Coaches Favouritism in gymnasts

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Apr 13, 2023
I’m not one to really post on here but I’m a bit upset and need some advice.

The HC at my gym came and spoke to me today and told me that some of the parents of one particular group were complaining that I had a favourite in my group. Now to a certain extent, I can understand where they are coming from as I spent 15 mins at the end of one session with said child re-choreographing parts of her floor routine, while the other girls independently conditioned. I can see this looking like a “one on one” treatment, but at various points I have done this with all the girls in my group when they’ve been struggling/need something extra, I guess the parents just witnessed it this time.

I know I probably shouldn’t be worrying as HC has told me she’s not concerned and doesn’t see favouritism, it’s just really hurt to think that the parents are thinking this about me. I probably just need to toughen up! I was just wondering how I could reassure parents (not vocally, but through my actions) that I’m not playing favourites? I genuinely love all those girls, and although some are more difficult characters (as pre teens generally are) I want them all to achieve their full potential.
If this is a one off thing, the parents will see that. If you give all the gymnasts great coaching, it will stand out.
I wouldn't worry about it at all... wouldn't try to prove anything.

Any and every time you work with an athlete one and one in front of parents while the others are left alone you will get this same complaint.
Try to let it go, we all get random complaints from time to time, some where the parent just doesn't understand, others that are down right silly. Just keep doing your best.
@Cookie3142, I know it looks like I'm responding to you, but I'm really responding to my future self: HATERS GONNA HATE.

It's so hard to block out the noise sometimes, but if you truly believe you are doing the correct thing, don't worry about how other perceive your actions. I KNOW, EASIER SAID THAN DONE.

Luckily your HC supports you, which is the only meaningful feedback in this situation. If you have a good relationship with your HC, I recommend opening up. It's likely your HC has experience fielding unhelpful complains from parents and might offer some more words of wisdom.