Fear of tumbling on the air track

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King Kyle

Proud Parent
Apr 7, 2016
Hi, at my gym we don't have a foam pit or a spring floor, but we have a long inflatable air track for our tumbling.

I can do a solid round off back tuck and layout on the floor (regular ground with matting, not spring floor) but when I bring it on the air track, it becomes terrible because I'm scared of injuring myself or losing control. The air track is quite bouncy so I'm afriad I'll lose control or something, it's been a year since I've been afraid so it's hard to overcome it.

I want to begin learning twisting, but in order to do that I need to do my back layout on the airtrack. When I do do it, it's really piked and the roundoff is tilted to the side; how can I overcome this fear?
Maybe start ro-bhs, then ro-bhs-bhs, then ro bhs back tuck , back pike, back layout. Build it up slowly, that is how you are supposed to overcome mental blocks
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Maybe you can also put mats on the side from the airtrack where you start your round off so you know you cant fall off at the side. Maybe it will help you.
Otherwise just start slow and get you preskills safe. When your round off and back tuck are solid and safe everytime you will get enough safety and confidence to move on to the back layout.
I would recommend to start to work at the round off, because you say it is tilted to the side. As long as the round off isnt "perfect" the folowing elements wont be good and safe.
You cound also try to fill the airtrack with more air than usual. It will bounce less. You loose some speed and high, but maybe get a better feeling and more confidence
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