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Jun 6, 2013
A couple of months ago I was doing my FHs on beam and fell and sprain my ankle the pain was so Bad thought ( and my coach thought) that I had broken it in half. Well now my ankle is all healed and I'm terrified to donut on the high beam again. Today we were told that if we had to compete in one hour what skills would we do ad we had to show her on the high beam. I was so freaked out that I would have to do it I started crying. This is te first time EVER that I've been scared o do anything and i wanted to know how do everyone get over there fear? Normally I just suck it up and do it but I can't.
stack mats at both sides of the beam soo that they reach the top of it and then do it and when you feel comfortable remove one of the mats until eventually you are left with no mats :D
Don't stress out too much over it, my coach says a lot of gymnasts are too hard on themselves and it can prevent them from getting over their fear.
Do them on a low beam if you can, stack mats, use a beam pad, whatever helps your mind.
Just remember, its all in your head.
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