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Feb 7, 2018
Kid has fears, won't talk to coaches. Should I a) stay out of it and let the chips fall (not falling well...both short and long term in hindsight) b) email HC c) something else?
To add to NutterButter‘s excellent questions... are these fears your child has vocalized? How is she responding to them? Do they seem to be bothering her, or mostly bothering you?
I agree with everyone else more info is needed. For my DD I tried not to talk to the coaches until I thought the fear would impact practice. As in she didnt want to do the skill was scared the coach would make her do the skill when she didnt want to etc. If she was scared and working on it or scared and still doing progressions then shes just working out her fears with me (which is great) if it was going to impact practice I wanted the coaches to know so they wouldn't unknowingly say something that could make it worse. I have found that sometimes they can do things to help or sometimes they just give the kid time and space to process the fear.
Not open for further replies.