For Parents Femoral anterversion & external tibial torsion

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Feb 27, 2022
Hello there,
Just curious if anyone out there has any experience or suggestions for a 8 year old gymnast with femoral anterversion and external tibial torsion.
My dd has longggg term goals for this sport but she was just officially diagnosed with this anatomy. In laymen’s terms, it means her femur turns in and her feet turn out. She notices the effects when running and on beam. Admittedly it’s not severe and her running gait has improved SIGNIFICANTLY but I’m just curious if anyone has had any experience with these conditions in gymnastics and what the ramifications are as she progresses in the sport. Dr said there shouldn’t be any issue with gymnastics but he’s not a gymnast. Lol
Thanks in advance!
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Here is an old thread that relates...

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My DD has mild femoral anteversion. She was diagnosed at 8. She’s now 13 and a level 8. She did some PT for it and she noticed some improvement. Where it affects her most is her flexibility and her ability to fully straighten her legs, but she hasn’t let it stop her and has found success in the sport in spite of.
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