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Sep 30, 2013
My dd can't seem to manage a decent front handspring on the floor or on the vault. She is a level 4 and has had all of her skills for almost a year now but this is giving her trouble. It's not a strength issue she can just about do the level 5 bar routine and has her back tuck on floor. She also is running like she has never run before in vault.
JHer problem is in her pre flight (for vault) in her arms. She loses all of her energy in the pre flight and she is going in with her head tucked way down so when her hands touch her body just stops and slows down. Has anyone seen this kind of problem before?

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It says 'Image', but I don't see one, so I will have to use 'the force.' ;) If you feel it is in the pre flight, some things to consider would be: is she slowing down in or before her hurdle to the board, is the board too far away, is she coming on too low, are her shoulders/back collapsing when she should be blocking, hard to have a good block or vault with your head down (makes it more of a forward roll). Just a couple of common problems off the top of the head. See if you can get your pic/vid to post and we can try and help more. Good luck.
Sorry that was a smiley face. I don't have a video of her vault. It has to do with her arm "swoop" and that she is hitting the table in a hollow position with her head tucked in and she is losing all of her energy then. I think the transition from the lvl 3 vault where they really emphasized the hollow position to the lvl 4 vault where you need to be arched in the preflight is messing her up.
'the lvl 4 vault where you need to be arched in the preflight'
Not familiar with that technique.
From this website: Gymnastics revolution (the arch is exaggerated in this drill)


What do you think?
That's right, that is a good drill for teaching heal drive. Helps fix the famous 'pike on, fling off' vault. ;) Also good for FHS on floor and a couple of other things, but for a FHS on vault, you should never see that shape. :)
Yes! She is doing the pike on, fling off vault because she is trying so hard to remain hollow throughout her vault. The pike is not too bad but it is slowing down the vault. Thanks :)
As other posters have suggested the pic is an excellent example of a drill (task) that could be used to emphasize heel lift.

Hard to tell without a pic, but if your gymnast is losing power off the board and resulting in pre-flight slow or "crazy shaped" I (wearing coaches hat) would check the hurdle onto the board. A long low hurdle arriving on the spring board with straight legs would be optimal.

Here is an example from a recent practice of a "rookie" USA-G L5 Handspring Vault. The heel lift is done with a much straighter body. The body alignment (straight) pre-contact of the vault (pre-flight) and extended shoulders gives the rise (block).

(Note: The above vid is a practice and is not a performance vault. As such it has execution/technical errors.)

Best, SBG -
I used to have this problem too. My coach put the little hand pad you use for yurechenkos and put it vertical between the board and the vault and it fixes the problem right away.
Hope this helps!
Gymdog - she can do a front handspring on the floor it's just not that good and she seems to be having a similar problem with blocking on the floor and vault. We think it is that she is trying too hard to be hollow to the point of almost piking. Her FHS on the floor gets over and lands with straight legs but there is no power or rebound. It's the same on vault she gets on but loses all her energy when she hits the table.
FHS on vault has been difficult for my dd this year. She doesn't have a strong block. It is improving! On floor, she is able to do a FHS front about 75% of the time. Lots of upper body conditioning.
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