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Jan 17, 2008
Beetle has VIDEO!! WOO HOO! A teammate helped me create this quick video... I didn't do anything special to the video, we just put up the meet.

This is the meet when she qualified for state. It happened a couple weeks ago. I already posted the report and score, but since I always like to know the scores when I watch the video I will recap.

Beam was 7.475 (no place). Floor was 9.25 (1st Place), Vault was 8.575 (1st Place) Bars were 8.2 (4th Place). 3rd in the AA.

YouTube - Hayden Winter Carnival

Now I just hope it works! Enjoy!
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Great job! I loved the floor routine - what an amazing tumbler she is!:D
Great job! She's worked hard to get this far! A big congrats goes out to her for qualifying for her state meet...
Yeah for Beetle!!!! Congrats on qualifying for States! Her floor routine was AWESOME! The music sure took me back! Loved it!
Yay! It was so great to finally watch her in action. She has great energy in her moves. I love her expression at the end of her bar routine, so sweet. She is beautiful, and she did a great job. Thanks for sharing her w/ us! :D
I came across her video on you tube before seeing your post. I commented on you tube, I think she looks great - love the music, as others have said, it brings back memories! ;)

Good luck at States!
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