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Hey everyone, I see it's been very busy on here! We just got back from a vacation in FL. It was wonderful. It never got below 70 degrees there and I had to come home to 30 degree weather. UGH! Wish I could've stayed down there until winter is over here in TN.

Anyways, dd had dr's appt on Monday so I guess we had to come back. They finally released her! She is able to go back to the gym. There is a competition this Saturday and she want's to compete. So the coach told me to bring her in every night this week so that she could work on her routines that she hasn't done in 3 months! The dr said as long as there is no pain in her knee then she could try to do anything that she normally does. So far so good. I was kinda scared for her, the growth plate in the knee is nothing to play around with. I told her not to expect great scores at this meet because she hasn't been abe to do anything in the gym except condition and swing strap bar. Her reply, " I better get good scores." I think she is going to be a little disappointed but I tried to explain to her thatit doesn't make a difference if she scores low at this meet, but gymnasts can be so hard headed!

I noticed that alot of your gymnasts had meets since the last time that I was able to read any messages! They all did so great. The level 10 gymnast at the Sand Dollar meet did great, even with the mess up on bars. I think her score was great considering that she lost .5 just on the fall!

For those that are competing this weekend, I am sending lots of good luck vibes to each and everyone of you.



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Feb 26, 2007
Wow, that's great Trish, your DD must be very excited. We have been going through injuries for a while. Mine was finally well after a year and half of knee.hip ankle problems, she had begun vaulting and tumbling again. Then she hurt her hand a week and a half ago sliding with her friends. She has been off gym since.

It is hard for them to understand why they have to regian skills and confidence, seeing team mates who have moved ahead is also a bit of a challenge to deal with. mine has a meet on the 10th and will not be in gym until Friday, that will mean three gym sessions and then straight to the meet. I am also telling her not to expect much score wise, but we all know they want to be the best, even if that is not possible.

GLad you enjoyed your warm break in FLorida, that was probably great fro your DD too, a nice break from life.:)


Mine competed last year after only being back for 3 days after a fractured elbow. She too expected high scores - but her coaches talked to her and told her the numbers mean nothing - they were just really proud of her for wanting to compete and do what she could to help her team. It definitely wasn't her best meet (I think she got a 33 something) - but she was still glad she did it. Good luck to your dd!!


Thanks for compliment on dd (the level 10) Usually she gets 9's on bars so the 7.5 was a bit of a shock..luckily early in season. Where isn FL were you for vacation? That is where we live.



Thanks for compliment on dd (the level 10) Usually she gets 9's on bars so the 7.5 was a bit of a shock..luckily early in season. Where isn FL were you for vacation? That is where we live.
We were in Okeechobee! I grew up there, so I took my kids there to see how nice it is down there. We also went to Lake Wales. My grandmother lives there. we will also be in Tampa in March for a competition. I love being in Florida, but I didn't like living there.
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