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Oct 10, 2008
DS has wanted a home shroom for a couple of months and he still can't do his 3.5 at meets. Finally found one used at a price I can resell it for, yeah! Let's see if he uses it :)
YAY! very exciting. Ours sits in the middle of our living room. I call it my "coffee table". DS uses it all the time. Not always productively, but I figure Fun is 90% of it :) He makes up routines, shows off, hides in it :) Enjoy your new toy and good luck to your ds on getting those circles!!!
I think I'm going to start hunting for one too. As of Sat - he only had 1 circle - but the fairies came and he was at 3.5 for the meet on Sunday :) Of course he needs 5.5 & those leg flingy things for bonus but... it'll come! Congrats on your new purchase.
One of my guys hid in a mushroom during hide and seek in the gym once. They are just about the best place to hide in a gym as nobody ever seems to search for them under it.
Congratulations on your new acquisition! May he enjoy it and pass it on someday in triumph!

("Proud" owner of a beam and a mushroom :/)
Yeah..Derek is the perfect size to fit under them...the funny thing is...sometimes they get stuck! When he is mad now, we know to look there first! LOL!

One of my guys hid in a mushroom during hide and seek in the gym once. They are just about the best place to hide in a gym as nobody ever seems to search for them under it.

My son still uses his mushroom, he's a level 6 now. I believe it really came in handy. My son circled while he watched TV but he really loves mushroom and pommel. It's his favorite event even though I can't understand why! ;)
i agree ^^^ you gotsta be a bit strange to be a gymnast. but to love pommel horse and balance beam...well...:)
Lol...Can totally relate, here. My son had a devil of a time with circles last year! His coach will send the mushroom home on weekends for practice. ( they are really awkward to carry!) I'm with dunno, too...the WEIRD gymnasts love pommel and
I caved and got a floor beam :cool:

Have to say so far it's been worth it, it sits in our living room and as people cross the room they usually walk the beam, adults included! The girls do 15 mins here and there, I'm happy that it's just building their confidence and ease on the beam rather than practicing stuff. DD1 made up her first routine last night :D. I confess to practicing my full spins when no-ones looking..

Cat loves it too though- he sits nonchalantly on it for a while then when he thinks he's being ignored out come the claws....
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My DS still doesn't have his 3.5 either. I had never thought of finding a mushroom for home. Hmmmm...however, it may end up next to the balance beam that now resides in the back yard.
The thing about mushrooms is they have pretty good resale value as the things are darn expensive new. If it comes to that, I'm sure you can find some family in the gym willing to buy one. One owner I knew loved it when parents were going to buy them because at some point he figured he'd get it at a cheap price. Heh.
BlairBob, that is so true. The one we bought has been thru several gymnasts I think. Our coach did buy one to "loan" kids, but the insurance company made him stop that. So the team just keeps re-selling the ones we have over and over.....D has at least 1 more year with the mushroom in competitions, and he LOVES it!!!
Yeah, it would be great to rent out but in today's day and age, I would have to make it a slipcover and rent it out as a piece of furniture, "renter agrees never to remove slipcover or do gymnastics on footstool."

I held out for one for $100. It's not in cosmetically excellent condition (scratches, one nick where I superglued the cover back down before I gave it to him) but my feeling is that a usable mushroom I can always resell for $100. I might even make a bit.
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