Finally have word on session times

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Aug 3, 2009
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This is for our HOST meet. We just got word from the meetcontrol people. Kadee's session will be Saturday Dec 10th at 3pm (open stretch at 2:30). Now we can FINALLY get the sign up papers for the volunteer timers..concession workers...hospitality workers..door workers...and people now can better work out when they will be able to bring some food in for the hospitality room. (no one wants to sign up before session times are posted as you might end up signing up for a time your kiddo is competing.)
So, now that we have this info..we can get to moving on things we would have liked to at least had in the works a couple weeks ago. Oh well, it will all work
Wish us luck...bahahaha
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AB will be there again this year. I'll let you know what session as soon as I find out. I would love to meet you or at the very least give you a quick wave! It's a busy weekend for our family, so I'm just hoping that we don't compete Friday night. AB has her very first voice recital that night.
LOL I know how you feel-we just hosted a meet a few weeks ago and it's very hectic especially when your Dd is in the meet! This time was compulsory but our next host meet will be optionals so Dd will be competing. Wish you well and that the meet goes smoothly. What job do you like to do? I do bar input scores and have been learning a lot about bars lol.
gymmomof1, I actually am running the hospitality room (food is my passion) this year. For the first time. I helped work it last year..but this year it will be my baby. And with less than two weeks to get things together it should be We have a meeting tonight to get together and stuff goody bags and such..I will def get things rolling during that meeting tonight.
Sportsmom22..I remember you. I will send you a private message with all the session times your gym is competing. I hope to see you there. I will be there (somewhere) for the whole meet. Except for long enough to go home and get Kadee ready. Daddy would try..but, it wouldnt be
Wow that's a busy job. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and hope all goes well. Also hoping Dd has a wonderful meet. It's so much fun for them to compete in their home gym :). Looking forward to hearing all about it! Sportsmom22 hope your Dd has a good meet too!
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