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Jan 17, 2008
I am sooooooooo tired! We had such a busy weekend! It was worth it.. but Man am I glad it is over.

Going into the season I didn't think Regions were an option so I wasn't worried when I found out that DD2's 1st dance compeition of the year was the same weekend as Regions. Then, of course Beetle shocked the pants off us all and qualified. Luckily, the Scheduling Gods were on my side. DD2 "Bug" danced 3 times on Saturday (in a city 2 1/2 hours away) So that left all us free to Be with Beetle on Sunday at Regions.

We drove down Friday night to the Dance competition. We got up early Saturday... hair & make up.. costumes for her solo. Let me tell you Dance competitions are more nuts than Gymnastics meets.. they can run EARLY..And this one did.. Bug's solo ran 1/2 hour early her dad and grandparents missed it. And Then we only had about 1.2 hour to do a quick change redo a new hairdo and costume change before her first group dance.. After that we were able to go back and relax at the hotel before going back for her second group dance that night.. it was after 10:00 before we got out of there.. She did great she got 3 high Silver medals.. (probably a 8.5 in gymnastics terms LOL). It was after 11:00 before we got to sleep that night

We had to be up and out of the hotel by 10:30 to get to the Wisconsin Dells for Beetle's Meet. We made it in time to have Beetle take a shower and get to the meet. But no relaxing.

The meet didnt go so well, She was tired... I think it was too much of a weekend.. She started on beam.. didnt get connection, big wobble after her full turn, big wobble after her switch leap.. but clean otherwise, 7.8 ARG terrible

Floor.. she was clean but just not as powerful as normal. 8.75.
Vault... typical 8.35...
Bars.. omg.. lets start by saying they didnt rotate the girls from one event to the other until everyone was done.. so of course beam and floor were holding everyone up.. Beetle went almost an hour between her vault and bar touch. Her first touch in warmups.. was UGLY.. she couldnt even pull off a kip much less cast her pirouette. I knew we were in for a rough one... she didnt turn any pirouettes in her warm up.. she did do it in her bar routine but dumped it over and tapped her feet on the ground.. score. 8.2.

Her all around was her second lowest of the year... she was really disappointed. Her coaches reminded her that she had a great year and it was a victory to even compete in regions... We told her how proud we are of her.. We do feel like she belonged in Level 8.

Although, I feel like I should have done something different with the weekend..I feel responsible for her being so worn out... maybe not let her stay at her sisters competition so late.. made her eat a little better on Sunday.. Could I have forced some energy in her? I dont know.. But we did the best we could.. it was an important weekend for both of my girls.. I needed to make it equal...

Hey! We do have a bright side... She placed on Floor!!! She got a 10th place medal.. it is a treasure to her..

We spent yesterday at one of the waterparks.. it was great fun! Now today it was the first day back to practice. Finally uptraining some skills.. she Tsuked by herself today!

And now.. her coach is talking L9... oh boy.. here we go again.
Ha-Ha! I loved your last sentence, Kristilyn! The saga just never ends does it?

Well, I think you were a great mom over the weekend. You had time for both kids to do their special comp., and they each got to go and support the other, as well. How special, and it could not have happened without your expert trip-planning! Stop beating yourself up, woman!

And how AWESOME, she has a REGIONAL medal to treasure, always! Wonderful. I am so glad she went and had the experience.

Now, you kick your feet up and rest! You deserve it, after all the shuttling, showering, hair...and more shuttling, showering and hair! :p
The Supermom medal goes to YOU!!! I am amazed that you managed to get all that into one 48 hour period, just reading it was tiring! Congrats to dancing DD and I am sure she was thrilled to have all the family there. Congrats to Beetle on making regionals in her first year as a L8, truly massive acheivment and a very challenging level. Wonderful that she placed on floor, as for the other things well that is gymnastics isn't it? Good days and not so good days.

Yay to that tsuk, that a pretty huge step up, hmmm L9 next year, she sure loves a challenge, but as always she will rise to the challenge.

Glad you survived the season gracefully and that you can enjoy uptraining.
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Congratulations to Beetle!!! Yes, she belonged in L8 alright, making it to regionals & placing on floor!!!:D Way to go!!! You deserve a medal too mom! For fitting in both of your DD's special events!! Now you all have memories to cherish of this special weekend forever! Good luck to Beetle as she up trains! Mom..I think you deserve to schedule yourself a nice relaxing spa day!!!:)
I thought that she competed this weekend. Maybe not her best meet, but like coach said she was there competing and even placed on floor.

Well I hear ya about level 9, but our coaches don't say anything so we just have to speculate what they plan to do. The good thing this coming yr is that with the rule changes going to 9 won't be as bad as you think.

Good job Beetle, have fun with uptraining now. That's what dd is doing and she is loving it!!!!
What a weekend for you, my goodness. I think you are an amazing mom and that you did exactly what you should have done. You have to be fair and both of your girls work hard at what they do and need their mama there to support them. I am sure Bug and Beetle both know that you did the best you could to be at both of their events.

Beetle did great this year as a level 8. She should be very proud of all of her accomplishments!! Congrats to her on that tsuk as well! Wow!
OH MY!! I'm exhausted just reading your post.
WTG to your DD!!! Good Luck with L9
Don't blame yourself for Beetle being possibly tired. She got to hang out and watch her younger sis on Sat. and it may have decreased her stress a little. Regionals is a big deal and she may just have had the nerves hit her. I know our L8s that went to Regionals this past weekend did not have good meets at all. The scores were through the roof---one girl medaled on floor(12th) with a score of 9.475.

So, its over and Beetle accomplished something she never thought would happen this season, has the official t-shirt to show for it(I hope you got one for her!) and now can try working on new skills.

After reading about your weekend, I'm ready for a nap!
Congrats to her! S ounds like she did pretty darn good for having such a busy weekend :). Hope next year goes even better for her!
Congrats to Beetle... Wow what a weekend!! It was such a big accomplished to make it to Regionals!!!! She did a great job to place on floor!! Enjoy uptraining!!!!
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