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I don't know if anyone will be able to help me with this... But I would really like to do competitive gymnastics. I'm one of the better rec girls so even though I'm old, I don't see why the gym wouldn't let me compete. But the thing is my parents are in debt and don't want to pay very much for my gymnastics.

Tuition for the level 4 and 5 teams is $165 a month. Level 6 is $185 and level 7+ is $195. My rec classes (2x a week, 3.5 hours a week) are $232 for 8 weeks of classes and I am paying $80 of my own money, $64 of which I have to earn. I have asked if I can do some kind of service to the gym in exchange for a discount but apparently I'm not old enough.

There is some chance that by the time new team members are selected in June (there are no tryouts, it's by invite only) we will have more money since my Mom is netting more then usual lately. But there is also a chance we won't.

Does anyone have any advice?


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Feb 26, 2007
Sadly gymnastics, like most competitive sports, is expensive and many families right now are struggling with the financial commitment. Just this week alone we have 4 threads about the financial struggle to keep girls in team or to be able to put girls on team.

T be totally honest it is probably better for you to stick with rec, 7 hours a week is quite a bit and you will progress. Talk to your coaches, tell them that you want to progress and that you need to make the most of your rec classes. Can they give you extra conditioning to work on at home, that would make your gym time more effective.

Ask for all your presents to be in cash towards your gym passion. It will never be too late for gymnastics, we have lots of adult members here to prove that.

I am sure your parents, like all here, would want to give you anything they can. All you can do is focus very hard on your time in gym, and condition at home in order to become the best you can be with what is available.

When you are old enough you could do coach training and work in a gym and exchange your time for coaching fees.

Best of luck, I do feel for you, so many families are struggling right now. But coaches do understand, they struggle too and they really do want you to succeed.


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Feb 26, 2007
You said "My rec classes (2x a week, 3.5 hours a week) are $232 for 8 weeks of classes" I took this to mean you train 7 hours a week.

Sorry, but the same applies, ask for extra conditioning and go to open gym if you can.


While team is more inexpensive compared to what the rec pays for the same hours, there are more "other" costs. There are booster club fees, meet fees, team leo and bags and warmups besides paying for coaches at meets and their travel costs.

We typically go over this with any parent/child being offered team besides any time commitment so they know what they are going to have to deal with. How much of those "other" costs depends on how much Boosters can raise and how they are setup.


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Jan 4, 2008
You do need to be aware that your training will only be a small part of the costs involved with being on the team.

Competitions can be anywhere from $40-$100 and depedning on your gym you could even be doing more than 10 of these a year. Most gyms charge a fee for each year to cover the cost of competitions, coaches fees at comps and so on and it can be in the thousands.

You will need leotards that can be anything from $50-$200, warms ups which can also cost in the hundreds.

If you have finacial difficulties now it would be even worse to join team and then have to stop because your parents couldnt handle it.
Sep 9, 2007
You could always look for a sponsorship deal with a local company, although you wouldn't be able to compete NCAA if you did accept one.

Good luck!​
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