First class tonight!!

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Aug 3, 2008
Well tonight is Shawnee's 1st class.....she doesn't have to be there til 6:15 (we are only 20 minutes away) and she is dressed ready to go and telling me we should leave, so we won't be late! (It's 3:50 lol) :rolleyes:

I'll let you all know how it goes!
That is just too cute :) Why is it they are never as eager to clean their rooms as they are to go to gym :cool: I hope she has fun at her first class !!
No never that eager to clean her room lol....

She had a blast last night. And again did not want to leave.....they were turning the lights off in the gym and she was trying to sneak in one more cartwheel on the beam lol. She can't wait til open gym on Friday! (What a great bargaining chip that will be for good behavior!! lol)

I posted some pics....check them out! :cool:
Not open for further replies.