WAG First Dowel Grips Question - help make our decision?

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Oct 22, 2013
So I can get a lightly used second hand pair from a girl who has outgrown hers? What do you all think of second hand grips??

Or I can get the leather cuff version designed for 32-54Kg girls (thicker leather). DD is just 32Kg, many of her teammates are far smaller than her and will be asking my opinion o_O

I think the leather cuff ones would be fine. Any grip brand is going to take some getting used to, but it seems that most girls grow to love the kind the type they start with. So if they go ahead and start with the leather cuff, they may never have to switch to a different kind.

Use caution if you go with the second hand grips. If they fit her well and are still in good enough shape to grip the bar, then maybe give those a try. But if they don't fit or aren't safe for some other reason, just order what's most convenient--provided they are a reputable brand. Most of the grip brands have many loyal customers.

My daughter loves Ginnasta, but we have friends who like Hots Shots, Bailey, Gibson Just Right, English Bulldog, etc. The girls just seem to all be partial to the grips they are used to.
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