For Parents First international experience for DS (trampolining)

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Proud Parent
Jan 23, 2015
So proud of my 8 year old DS.
He has just been in trampolining for 1,5 years now and doing so well his gym invited him to take part in an international competition in Germany.
A few weeks before competition his trainers found out Germany changed the compulsory routine which now included a baby fliffis, a skill he could not yet do.
A lot of drama followed, he was having big mental blocks, freezing on the trampoline, coming home crying after practice. Only one week before competition he couldn't do the routine and didn't want to go to the competition.
His coach told him he could leave out the baby fliffis and settle for a routine without (last jump not counting) He didn't want to do this, because he would let down his mixed synchronised partner if he did.
When there was so much drama I was about to pull him out he suddenly got himself together and started training really hard. With less than a week to go he managed to pull of acceptable compulsory routines.
And then the competition came. He was having a blast with his team. Did really well, made finals and finished fourth in his class while being one of the youngest competitors (age group 12 and under)
In mixed synchronised he did great as well. This was even a larger age group (age 14 and under) Here they reached finals and finished 5th.

The whole weekend has been great in team building and it was a great reward for him to find out what can happen when you struggle through a hard time.
The gym made a nice video about him and his team mates, which can be seen here
Not open for further replies.