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Proud Parent
Dec 9, 2008
Ok, this is just a shameless brag, but I really wanted to tell someone! Haha. On Friday, when I was finished coaching for the night, I decided to play around on the bars, and our of nowhere did my very first kip! I was never a competitive gymnast, so I had no need to learn one before, but I used to play around with them...but could never actually do one. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks :D (I'm 25)
That's so exciting, YAY! Good for you, and you're entitled to a shameless brag, we all need to do that sometimes!
That is just so cool. Can you bottle and sell whatever you were slurpong that night, parents would pay millions for that!!! Keep up the great work.
haha awesome, congrats!
and that's crazy!....One of the coaches in my club just had that happen to her too. She was fooling around on the bar one night after her girls went home and voila, she got her kip for the first time. She also said she could never do a kip when she actually did gymnastics. lol Must be a common occurrence i guess...or some freaky Friday the 13th coincidence. :p
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