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Well, the day has finally come. Of course as luck would have it we've drawn the last session wich starts at 6PM tonight, Sunday. The meets about two hours from us and we'll have to factor in some extra time in case we hit any snags on the road. I really hope the session starts on time. DD did get a good nights sleep last night, but she's at a last minute ballet rehearsal right now instead of relaxing and working through her floor routine which was the plan.

She feels Ok about being ready but she's missed a bunch of practices. Bars look real good. Her floor routine is not where it could be, but she knows when to peak. I've been telling to relax, have fun and treat it like a practice meet but that's just not her personality. Wish us luck!
Hope she has a great meet and you can relax just a little:) Maybe the ballet practice will help her relax and feel stretched before the meet. Those late day meets can drive the kids(and parents) nuts just sitting around the house staring at the clock counting down the minutes til its time to leave.

She has such a nice presence when she competes---don't worry about her floor. 1st meet is time to learn about a new level and then go from there.

We'll anxiously be waiting for video!
Well, she did great. The meet ran like clock work, started on time, not alot of waiting around and finished in 1+1/2 hours. This was an out of state meet for us. During warmups we started to notice that all the other teams looked really polished. My wife asked around and the other teams were finishing their seasons. DD was solid on everything, she's turning into a real pro.

She was wobly on beam but no big mistakes 9.0 5th place
Solid on bars 9.0 1st place
Solid on floor 9.35 2nd place
Ok on vault 9.05 6th place

AA 36.4 1st place 10 y.o's

Thanks everyone for you're support and kind words. I'm dog tired but it's been a great day:) oh yeah, my five y.o won the 50/50 again and came home with a pocket full of cash and wants to buy more fish for his fishtank
Wonderful results, she must be so excited.

Now it is clear that she needs to do ballet before every meet, this is how meet rituals are born you know!!!
Congrats to your DD on a great meet! She did awesome. Hey and congrats to your DS! You need to have him pick some lottery numbers. Those siblings that travel and sit so nicely through these meets deserve to win something. Mine is 11 and is a perfect fan of his little sister.
Those are some great level 6 scores and like others have said, she's just starting her season, she will only improve from here.

Keep up the good work!;)
Wow TeamDad! Those are some great level 6 scores! Congrats to DD & your DS on the "big hauls" that they got to take home from the meet!
Congrats on a great meet, thats an all around to be proud of!!

Thanks, she had the first meet jitters and it's a relief to get the first one behind us. This was a major victory as last years first meet ended with tears and dissapointment. She's becoming a real tough cookie when she needs to be
Congrats!!! Great Meet!!! Did you video? We would love to see it.

Thanks!!! Two days ago our video camera broke. I decided to throw responsible adult behavior to the wind and ran out and got a new one yesterday afternoon. I got everything, but for the life of me I just can't get the camera to download on to the computer. It's might be a format problem because the digital video is in HD...dunno yet but I'll keep working on it.
WOW TeamDad what a great meet for your DD. Tell her great job. I don't know how she does that and Ballet !!

what is the 50/50 your son won ?

It's been a good way. She just finished La Gioconda and is now in a production of Queen of Spades being conducted by Seiji Ozawa. She has a great part, what a shame this one's not being shown as part of this years Live in HD simulcasts.

She didn't get the part she wanted in the Nutcracker this year and made a mature decision to take a pass on the part they offered her. That run of shows is a real killer and she really needs to want to be there as it takes a toll on all of us. On the bright side, she's now rehearsing a part as an understudy in a production for NYC ballet. Even though she's not in the show, it's great experience for her.

The 50/50 is the raffle. Thank's for your kind words
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