For Parents First level 4 meet report of the year

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Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2008
OK the wait is over our first meet is under our belts and Bug rocked it. She placed 3rd all around against girls that were one their 3rd or 4th meet of the season.

Bars was first, 9.25, bent arms and near fall on cut back, but the rest was great.

Beam 9.225 (personal best) wobble after handstand, but overall her best routine since she became a 4.

Floor 9.225 (personal best) The best split jump I have ever seen her do, still have big problems with her split leg and dragging her back leg. Handstands are normally held longer than she did there.

Vault 9.4--No flintstone steps, but needs to speed up her run.

All around 37.1 winner was 37.7 and second was 37.65.

Two weeks til the next meet,

Here is the video link YouTube - Level 4 Gymnastics, 2009 Salto Trick or Treat Classic


Congrats Bug! Beautiful work on your floor routine. :) Corky my DD says you were very tight on bars and she likes your mill circle ( it's not a trick we learn here)


What a GREAT start to the season! Congrats to Bug on all the personal bests! Can't wait to see how well she does the rest of the season. Way to go!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
She did so wonderfully!! And you were worried, LOL. She looks really great and will have an amazing finish to her level 4 season. :) I am sure it will be fun to finish doing so well before going off to level 5!!! Lovely routines!!


Great scores and lovely bars! She will have a great season! Congrats to her!


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
:)Wow what a way to start! Whooo hoooo! Congrats! She is so tight and straight...I can see where those 9's come from!:)

Please send those "tight" fairies our way for November 21 if you can spare them!
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