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Mar 1, 2007
Very hectic weekend, we had a blast in Wildwood. DD entertained everyone in the hotel by doing BHS and stuff poolside against my wishes on the concrete! OUCH! Wondering if all your gymies are the entertainment at out door events, because my DD had an audience on all 5 floors! She spent the weekend running around and staying up late. Last night we did boardwalk for several hours (and also got front of her hair braided) since the kids had wristbands I wanted to get my monies worth. We got back into hotel late & I didn't get started on rest of hair until about 10:30pm. Hard to get her to bed so probably about 11 or 11:30ish. I figured we wouldn't do all that well today anyway so I didn't want her to feel like she was missing anything going on at the hotel. Got kids up at 8am and we were on the road at 8:30am. We got to meet about 3 hrs later in plenty of time.

Now I am not as good as most here w/the meet play-by-play. I was just praying for a 30 to make sectionals. Being tired, nervous and having a splitting headache, I was just watching and taking a couple pictures. DH had the video camera since I shake too much. But here goes:

Beam is first. In warm-ups she did not land one cartwheel so I am feeling a little worried. She did cart wheel with HUGE boble/save and holds her handstands beautifully again. Moms at other end said oh's and ah's again, LOL. Lots of little wobbles & still needs to clean up, but an 8.5.

Floor is next. My DD has hard time keeping her one leg straight, always a bent knee and her splits are horrible, she needs lots of work on this one. She just recently learned routine and is still having problems with the directions, new L5 music and the ending with the step, step courtsey stuff....I actually think she forgot something and was behind on music. It looked bad in practice in begining of week and I was expecting about a 6.5. but she did a little better than that for a 7.8. Still needs tons of work.

Bars. having some issues in practice now with the squat on. She is having a hard time doing it and the jump to big bars. She recently started doing more of a straight leg,pike looking thing before she jumps to high bar which sometimes works weel and sometimes not at all. At warm ups she was not even getting squat on or kip well but competed and got score of an 8.0!

Vault is last, thankfully! Hate vault, can't believe it used to be her best scores and placed at states on vault. Since the incidents last year and transitionig to table and heel problems half the time she isn't even going over! In warm up she didn't go over at all! Now I am scared and upset they didn't coax her over to end the warm up on good foot. She vaulted and it was ugly. The second vault she sort of stayed on the table in a handstand (she loves handstands and problably enjoyed that!) and sort of fell over. A generous 7.3 and the worst on the team, OUCH!

Good news is we survived our FIRST Level 5 meet with our new gym! Did better than I expected and she qualified for the sectional on her very first meet! We are very proud of her! She knows her work is cut out for her this season & we are not expecting 35's and 36's this year, but she is very happy to be doing level 5 and that makes us happy too!

UB 8.0
BB 8.5 **5th place
FX 7.8
V 7.3
AA 31.60 ** 7th place AA

We just found out we are going to a meet at IGC camp at the end of October now so we have another month to work on all this, yeah!


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Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
Congrats to your DD on making Sectionals!! I'm glad the meet went well and you had fun in WW, my kids always love competing there b/c of the boardwalk, lol. And yes, Little Monkey does entertain wherever she goes, while big DD is more conservative at her age, lol.

I hear you on the squat on problems and hope the bars fairy comes to NJ for all of us soon! The vault will come. LM had a real hard time at first because of her size and (lack of) weight.


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Feb 26, 2007
Congratualtions on such great placements.

Lovely that she managed to conquer all of her demons first day out. Her scores are mopre than respectable and the qualify for sectionals at the first meet means that she can focus on her routines and not on that. We all know that every meet will get better and that the coaches will now know what to fix for each girl.

A meet at IGC sounds so cool, I am sure she will be excited about that one.
WOW! Way to go on making sectionals! It sounds like a pretty good meet to me.

I hear you on the vault issue. I *hate* it! I watched Bean fall in all kinds of horrifying ways last season:( I'm sure I got at least 1000 gray hairs from vault alone.

Good luck at the next meet!


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Aug 16, 2008
That is a GREAT start to her L5 season...qualifying for sectionals and 7th AA!:)
And it sounds like the weekend was fun, too, which makes it even better!
Congrats to her!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Wow!!! Congrats to her on such a great first meet at L5. It is such a huge jump from L4 and she just started really training it, judging is tougher, too. I predict she will get better and better!!! So happy she got qualifying to sectionals out of her way. I am sure that was a huge confidence booster. Love that she saved her cartwheel, it is a tricky one at meets for sure, you see so many fall on it. :) Go beam queen. :D

Glad you guys had a fun weekend enjoying other stuff as well. I am sure she will always remember her first L5 meet. :)
Jan 17, 2008
Yippee Yippee!!!! Congrats on Sectionals! that will take some pressure of you! And yes I do mean you LOL!!

Sounds like a great first L5 meet and wow great beam score!


Great job making sectionals. Those are not bad first L5 meet scores at all. Like I have posted previously, Cait's first L5 meet was a 31.35AA and she didn't place in the top 8. Her next four meets were 4th AA, 2nd AA, and two 1st's AA. She has got plenty of time to improve. She will fine. Let her know how proud we are of her....


P.S. by the way, Cait is a party favor wherever she goes as well. It goes with the territory:D:D


Congrats on such a successful first meet in level 5! A meet at IGC would be so much fun!
Sounds like a memorable weekend for all!
Corky used to flip cartwheels and the like while we were shopping after a meet. :)
Alot of her pictures are poses from gymnastics only we're not in a gym, but at Seaworld or Disney and the like.


Congrats on a great first L5 meet and qualifying to sectionals! That's awesome! My dd's first vault score was a 6.6 - ugh! Your dd had a great first meet - an 8 on bars is very big! Congratulations!!



Congrats to J, and to you, Blackie!!!:thumbsup: She should be very proud of herself. An 8.5 on beam for her first meet is AWESOME!! That dreaded cartwheel is a tough one. I'm so glad she's doing so great at her new gym! Can't wait for the next meet! Keep up the good work! :cheerful:

Midget's Dad

Congrats on the meet and sectionals!

I hear ya on the entertaining thing. A few months ago at church the pastor was doing his time with the kids and talking about how he knows them. He looked at Midget and said, "For instance I know that anytime I see Bella she will be upside down more than half of the time."

And half the church called out, "Amen!"


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Congrats on the meet and sectionals!

I hear ya on the entertaining thing. A few months ago at church the pastor was doing his time with the kids and talking about how he knows them. He looked at Midget and said, "For instance I know that anytime I see Bella she will be upside down more than half of the time."

And half the church called out, "Amen!"

LOL - I just said to DD the other night " I see more of your feet than your face"


Proud Parent
Nov 15, 2008
Congrats on her first L5 meet AND making sectionals! How exciting! She must be so proud of herself, and that beam score is awesome! Would love to see video!!!
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