First Level 5 Meet

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Feb 9, 2011
Well Saturday is my first meet of the season.
And my first meet in 2 years. I'll be competing as a level 5.
It's a home meet so nice and close and in an environment that I'm used to which helps.

I feel pretty ready on every event except bars. Beam and Vault are pretty good, floor is good except for the back extension roll which is kinda a hit or miss.
Bars...ugh...Tried to ask if I could scratch bars but my coach wants me to at least try. So my goal is to make a squat on and get above a 3.00 haha. I don't have my highbar kip. My lowbar kip I couldn't make for the last 3 practices and then made 2 in a row last night, but I tap my feet on the group in the glide swing.
Oh well.

Oh and the fact that we don't have leotards! Not the coaches fault. GK's fault. But we will be wearing last years leos and borrowing from the girls that aren't competing for the girls that didn't compete last year.

But i'm excited non-the-less!!
good luck!!! Hope she has a fabulous meet :)

To the powers that be at GK....... get your act together! I have heard of at least 9 gyms (all different areas of US) that have not gotten their leos this year :eek:!!! WTH is going on there? Why are the 'loosing' so many orders? GK needs to get their act together before everyone decides that they will be ordering from a more reliable company in the future. Take notice GK..........
GK just stinks this year. Our girls (level 5 and 6) had to wear last years leotard and the level 4 had to get a stock comp leo from GK to wear this year Also you are not the only one I have heard of having issues with GK this year. Something just does not seem right with them this year.
Hope you have a wonderful meet and have fun. You sound like you have a good outlook on bars so I am sure you will have a good meet :).
Thanks for the good luck everyone!!

I did well, with the exception of wearing a leotard a size too small, haha.

Bars - 7.5 Quite frustrating, I made my glide kip in warm-up but missed it in competition. Got my squat-on! Didn't get my high bar kip, got the BHC and dismount fine. Thought the judge was a bit generous, but i'll take it!!

Beam - 8.6 I fell on my cartwheel, which I never do in practice but oh well, but everything else was fine.

Vault - 8.2 Harder judging but I didn't better vaults then I usually do and still got 3rd place with an 8.2.

Floor - Completely tripped on my Back Ext. Roll, and fell on my head but I recovered, got an 8.75

4th All-Around, with a 33.05.

Not bad for my first level 5 meet and first meet in 2 years!!!
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