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Well my dd survived her first level 7 meet. She did ok - not great, not terrible. She was very happy with how she did though - she wasn't expecting miracles. She did it to get the experience before the official start of the season after the summer and just wanted to go out and give it a shot. It was a last minute decision so she only had about 6 weeks to learn routines and try to get the skills where she wanted them. I was just glad to see a smile on her face the whole time. She fell off the beam twice and almost a third time - and that was her first event. She totally laughed it off though and didn't let it affect the rest of the meet. Her bars actually looked really good though (2nd place) and she won the handstand contest at the end - she was really excited about that.


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Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
Congrats to your DD on getting through the first meet! I'm glad she didn't let the beam get her down :) My oldest had a rough start to L7 and worked her way up, although that beam connection series was a killer! She has been training it since the season ended (in Jan) and is getting better.


Great job. Doing alittle summer meet for cinfidence is something we did at our last gym and I realy liked it because when season started they didn't have so many butterflys, plus they knew shat needed work. Good luck in season.


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Feb 26, 2007
That is wonderful, a medal and a great experience. Imagine how well she'll do when she has a whole summer of training under her belt!


Congrats to her! I also think it is an excellent way to introduce them to a new level - my daughter is doing the same thing in a few weeks, and I am hoping that she approaches it with the same attitude as yours.



Thanks - I think after a good summer of training and some velcro on her feet during beam she will do just fine next year :D
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