first meet coming up!

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Aug 9, 2010
My dd has her first meet of the season coming up this Sat. It's an "in house" meet with just her team but she's very excited to get out there and perform. It will be her first full season since she joined the team last December and only got to do one meet last season as an L3.

I'm hoping it goes well for her. Her confidence was shaken recently at practice when her coach told her she finished last among her teammates in a practice meet. Ugh. Why a coach would tell any girl this information let alone a 7 year-old with an anxiety disorder is beyond me. She seems to have bounced back well and is excited for the meet.

Saying prayers that she stays healthy and happy this week!
Hope the inhouse meet went well. I agree, no need to tell a child where she finished at some practice meet.
Best of luck! My dd just had her first meet and it was hard on me than her! I hope you both enjoy!
Thanks! She had a great time today and that's all that mattered. Her routines have improved but she fell on beam :(
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