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Men's Artistic Gymnastics
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Jul 19, 2011
Region 9
The season is finally starting. Derek is so excited :) His first meet is Saturday. And, of course, he comes home from gym last night SICK! He actually called us from the gym, left, came home, and went to you know he was sick. Here's hoping it is really short lived. He is so excited, and only 3 boys from his level are going to this one so they need him for team scores. sigh. I guess I should be happy that this is really the only drama right now :)
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Good luck!! I hope he gets over his illness soon! Let us know how it goes. I have not been to a boys meet yet so I don't know what to expect but I hear it is very different than girls.
Good luck, and healing wishes, too. Have a great time and just relax and take it all in. At my ds's first meet-I didn't know that they were going to do open warm up, then warm up each event. There were two hours of warm up before he even started competing! My dd has never done that-they warm up and then compete that event before moving to the next one! Anyway-it's hard to keep up a tense level of nervousness for that long, so I was pretty relaxed (worn out, even, lol) once he started to compete. Maybe they do it that way on purpose :D
Yeah...the long warm ups are a pain! this one has 9:30-11:45!!!!!! Sheesh. Oh well. He is ready. I don't think he was really sick....he had a slushy before gym...and i think that was too much liquid in his tummy with very little food....bad combo :) So we are good to go!! So excited :)
Good luck to your DS and I hope he gets better soon. DD also got sick the week of her first meet, but she pulled through. Your DS will too!
Seeing this thread a little late for good wishes, but I am glad to hear that he is already feeling better! Hope it's a great meet for him!!
Yes, we will be there but Chase will only be competing on one or maybe two events. He's getting over a two week bout of pneumonia. With the high altitude and two weeks out of gym, he'll be doing good just to be there!

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Yikes! That sounds like a rough couple of weeks. Glad he is still going though. I am sure he will have fun :) We will probably see you in passing!
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