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First meet in the bag!

Discussion in 'Parent Forum' started by Peachy88, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. ROFL at the turn this thread has taken!

    My son's first ever travel meet (7 yo L5) was to blackjack in vegas. 7:30 am report time...bloody marys being served. I knew I had found my people (Even though, I did not partake...do not like tomato juice :) )
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  2. That’s why god invented the screwdriver...
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  3. alas...they were not serving those. And I did not have the wisdom of ChalkBucket then!
  4. Another team mom and I were discussing getting a permit to sell frozen margaritas outside meet venues. We see it as a lucrative buisness venture.

    Heck we could branch out to high school debates, kids band concerts, and teacher conference week.
  5. Only if it is just for the teachers!!:p;)
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  6. I figure... if they are going to let her tumble on a 4 inch beam-- I am going to need a drink. After all, this is the same person I have watched fall getting out of her own bed.
  7. Yes, a beer truck outside the meet would make a mint. Just need to get everyone on board.
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  8. Things our families travel with to overnight meets, wine, rum, scotch, beer..........:D:cool:
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  9. For conferences you need a truck that serves both champagne and vodka shots. Then parents can pick based on how their child's conference goes. ;)

    I'm usually super happy if a meet has an espresso cart! Usually I'm dragging mid-meet, especially if we have an early start! Never been to a meet with a bar. That would be awesome!
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  10. Me too!! Among my criteria by which I rate meets, proximity to *real* coffee is at the top. The convention center in my city with the bar also has a local chain coffee store. It's not unusual for me to hit up both in the same day...:)
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  11. I also want to add that she had a blast! Loved performing and like at our home meet did even better than usual. Any other kids seem to do better under pressure?
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  12. Definitely not my DD. But she has a friend (former teammate from first gym -- now at a different gym too) who kills it at meets. Really just shines under pressure. It's a great thing to watch. She is also more competitive than my DD as a general matter, so maybe the two things are related? And she goes into meets with great confidence, whereas mine will warn me to expect low scores. I guess attitude is everything...
  13. My DD tends to better under pressure. I used to contribute it to not being nervous. She has admitted to being nervous right before she salutes the judges. I think she internalizes the moment and uses the adrenaline to her benefit. Her bestie informed me that DD was talking to herself during chalking before her bar routine at states last year. The quote was "Come On Dani You Got This" I hope that my DD learns that competition is for fun and show and gymnastics happens at practice.
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  14. My ODD is like that too. She has focus issues notmally but at competition she just seems to be able to pull it all together. Maybe because it only requires short bursts of intense concentration?
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  15. I have said that I need to get myself and some of the other moms, a flask with a little gymnast engraved on it. Never had the luck to have a bar at a meet!! But I’m not sure if drinking would make things better or worse for me!!! MYbe for the boys.....I don’t seem to be quite as nervous at theirs!

    We also had a girl on our team the last 2 years that landed on her butt in practice more than anyone else altogether, yet always managed to shine at meets...she managed to make the state team last year. I would love to know her secret!!!
  16. Best meet ever was the one we were able to take the train to it had a wine tasting. Than the hotel where the meet was had a cocktail hour that just happened to fall during our open warm ups.
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  17. Dont forget alcohol soaked gummy bears ;) Only needed once they get to Optionals or at least L5 :D
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  18. I'm allergic to both tomatoes (and t. juice) and vodka :( Do you know how much that takes off the table for me??? It's devastating, lol.
  19. We once had a L7 gymnast (came from another gym after moving and was repeating L7) that couldn't manage to get over the vault in practice more than 1-2 times a WEEK ... and would often balk at meets on her first vault, but then compete 1 vault and score 9.0 like it was nothing!
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  20. Omg that was awesome. I literally laughed out loud,
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