Parents First Meet - it was a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jun 19, 2008
united states
CAUTION: parental bragging below

we had the BEST time at dd's meet!!!! It was such a blast! It couldn't have been better!

I know that not too long ago i posted something like "competing a 4 year old" and was a bit worried about signing her up...Turns out - i'm really glad she got to go!! She had so much fun and was just as cute as can be!!!

Anyway, it was a rather small competition. There were only 15 level 2's.

DD was SOOOO awesome! I can't believe how well she did. Especially being that it was her first time competing gymnastics...not to mention the fact that up until the night before she thought that she was going to do rod floor for the judges.

Anyway, she started out on bars. She did a pretty nice pullover. FELL ON THE BACK HIP CIRCLE (she never falls on that, but she over-rotated - no biggie though!) She still scored a 8.6!!!!!

Then the beam. Forgot the v-sit. The rest of the routine was pretty good, except the tuck jump because she lost her balance a little. She scored an 8.4

Then vault. I thought it would be a little awkward for her. Her coaches usually have her practice on a 16 inch mat for her vault. At the meet, she vaulted on only 8 inches. So anyway, it was a little different for her, but she still did really really well! scored a 9.1...The coaches told me that the judge even took off several tenths because dd didn't do an underarm swing (whatever that is :cool: )

Next was floor. I'm not kidding when i say that it was the most beautiful floor routine i have ever seen her do. It was amazing and TERRIBLY cute!!! She knew that she had done a really good routine and went running like lightening over to coaches - forgetting to salute to the judge!:eek: She was the last one to go on floor and at that point the meet was over. There was a HUGE cheer from the crowed when she finished! It was awesome! And then another huge cheer from the crowd when they flashed her score! she scored a 9.4!!!!!!!!! WOW. and at her very first meet. I could not be more proud!!!!!:D

she placed first on all four events and in the all around! I am just so proud of her that i can't stand it! We just went into it hoping that she would have fun and were blessed with WAY more!!!
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That is fantastic !! I am so glad that she had fun.

There were a bunch of L2's at DD's meet yesterday. They were so cute to watch. I can honestly say that I am glad L3 does not have to do that forward roll on beam :D
Aw that is so cute. Takes me back to when mine were tinies. Such special memories for you. Great that she did so well too. Nice that she could enjoy it so much.

So wonderful to hear she's off to such a GREAT start! Enjoy every minute of it, they do grow up soooo fast. Congrats to your DD!:D
Wow! Sounds like she had a ton of fun! Congrats to her for having a great time in her first meet and placing in all the events! :):)
Congratulations on a great meet! She did a really great job. Good for her. It is so much fun when the girls have fun. That is what really makes this sport! Again, congrats!
She did awesome!! Brag away mama! She is so adorable. I hope you have video and that you put it on her YouTube channel. Glad she had fun and did so great!
Great job! She sounded like she had a blast!!! That is definately something to brag for.:D
Thank you everyone for your very kind replies!

It was really a great experience. My dd had such a good time - she's still talking about it. And sleeping with her trophy!!! LOL!

And i was really impressed with her. She didn't have a perfect meet score wise, but i don't really think that it could have been any better. And I'm still not over her score on floor! It was such a beautiful routine. I just still cannot fathom that at 4 years old she's capable of such a technically correct routine. It's incredible, really. I'm so happy for her and she is SO proud of herself too - she get's to have her picture posted in the NINE CLUB section of the Wall of Fame at the gym. It was the cutest thing ever when coach told her! (because being only 4, she has no clue what scores are, so she doesn't know what it means to get a 9 point anything on a routine. she just knows that there's a Nine Club and that the big girls get their pictures on the wall when they do well)

Anyway, back to practice tomorrow. She's very excited. Wants to show all of the older girls her medals and trophy. It should be a good practice. She's almost has the front hip circle!!!!
Ohhhh...sounds like a good day! Don't you just love it when they do their very BEST in front of a crowd? Congrats on the great meet! I'm sure she will bouncing around the house and at gym all week riding the "meet high".
Don't you just love it when they do their very BEST in front of a crowd?

Oh yea!

When you hear other unknown parents in the stands saying things like "wow she's really good" and are talking about YOUR little girl - parental pride glows. "Yup, that's MY little girl!"

First meets are truely a rite of passage. The amount of happyness, and confidence even a simple 'partisipation medal' brings to a young athlete is heart warming.

What a beautiful job to your DD. She had an amazing meet for her 1st time and especially for being so young. My dd & I just think your little one is just plain awesome... we are so looking forward to her progress! LOL on the 9 Club! That is what its all about... ha ha!!

Now only one thing left to say... WHERE ARE THE VIDS?:D
LOL! I know! *** I actually used our real video camera for the meet!!! It's a miracle!!***

Anyway, I've been searching like crazy for the connection cord to upload to the computer but i can't find it anywhere! I might just go to the store and get another one. I PROMISE i'll post the meet video just as soon as i find the connector. I'm telling you - her floor routine was so good! :) I'm still excited that she did so well! I don't think i'll ever be over it! lol!
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