First meet of the season!

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I competed all events, the Coach lied to me, and told me to compete all 4 at the last minute, which is a subject to get into later!


Vault: 8.550 [4th Place]
(Pretty good for me.)

Bars: 7.300 [5th Place]
(Had a terrible warm-up, crying throughout the whole thing, my hands felt like they were going to fall off. A 7.3 is a pretty good score for me, though!)

Beam: 7.8950 [2nd Place]
(I was proud of myself of getting over my fear and going for it. I fell on the one thing I wasn't afraid of, a round-off, and I went waaay off the side of the beam on my cartwheel, back tuck dismount.)

Floor: 8.100 [4th place]
(My RO, BHS, Layout w/ a half twist wasn't as good as it usually is, my legs were a bit bent, I ALMOST landed on my butt on my FHS, Front tuck..y'alls fairies worked! and my ending RO, BHS, Layout, was way low.)

Thanks so much for your encouragement, and support! :D
Congrat's Nightflare -

It sounds like you had a good meet after all !!

Glad the fairies were helpful - anytime you need them just let the parents know and we will send them your way. We pass them around freely all the time :cool:
Congratulations, you did a great job. Glad that you can see your improvements. Great vault score.
Awesome job Meredith! Must be all that good luck from Wisconsin ;);).
Great job:D! Sorry to hear about the stressful bars warm up, but it looks like it all came together in the end! Now that you got that first meet out of the way, you can be a little less nervous (and more excited) about your next one:cool:! Good luck!
Sounds like you did really well - especially considering you were only expecting to compete 2 events !!! Congrats on a job well done :)
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