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All Chalked Up

Mar 15, 2010
For a first meet, not bad at all. Judging was super tough though and I was injured, which is never good but I pulled through. Qualified for Provincials! I had a really big age group- 40 girls - from numerous provinces so I'm satisfied with how I did.

Floor- 11.250. Pretty good considering I had two falls (knee pain was the culprit of this.). I was actually really surprised I scored that high. I know I can do better next meet so I wasn't too upset over the falls. Disappointing though.

Vault- 11.750. Had a lot of knee pain, iced it before vault and after floor. My vault were definitely not my best, The first one I didn't even hit the springboard, I took off from the carpet and still got over! Second vault I just hit the board and it was better, but no place which sucks since usually vault is my best. Disappointed, but again I'll do better next meet.

Bars- 12.00. I did a really nice routine earning me 8th place! I was happy with this.

Beam- Before I even post the score, judging was INCREDIBLY HARD on this event. They took deductions on my routine that a coach who isn't even from my gym protested for a higher score (my coach did too but no avail). 9.3. It was super clean though, no falls, only a little wobble and I even had two bonuses. Form was good too. It earned me 8th but I'm super disappointed with the score since I KNOW I deserved higher.

All Around- 44.3. 12th overall. I'm happy with this score, and with the rest I'm giving my knee my vaults will be back to normal and I won't fall on my floor! All in all, not a bad meet for a first meet.
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Thanks! Now that the stess of qualifying is off my shoulders and my knee is feeling better, I think I'll do better! Another meet is coming up so I'm super excited.
WTG. Sounds like overall you had a pretty good meet. Even though you had that tough judge on beam. Sorry you are having such problems with your knee but hope it gets better soon. And congrats on qualifying
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