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Jun 11, 2008
Region 1
I can't beleive I am even bragging about this becasue it seems odd, but DD got her first hand rips :eek: during practice today trying kips and boy was she so proud of herself. She ran to show the gym owner her wounded hands like it was the greatest thing in the world. She is six as of yesterday. Is this a weird thing for her to be proud of? Sometimes I think these gymmies are nuts.
Every girl in our gym comes running out to show everyone their rips. The first one is VERY exciting. The ones in our gym seem to get excited about any rip :D
Definitely a rite of passage - it is too cute how proud they are of those rips. After a while they definitely stop liking them so much !!!
DD has never had a rip and all the other girls in her class have. Some even have grips. She looks real hard to find the slightest spot, callus, and gets excited. I thought she was nuts but apparently its a common milestone for theses gymmies!
My DD is just the opposite. She has never had a rip and is proud of her strong hands. She was proud that she could work bars just as long as anybody and not get sore hands or rips. She wears grips now but she still has strong hands and no rips.
My DD was thrilled (well after the initial shock of how much it hurt wore off) to show off her first rips. They are even in her team picture. LOL. She hasn't had any since, as we try to avoid them by keeping her hands soft, filing down any callouses, etc, or it may just be luck, who knows. :)
Oh yes, this is a huge deal for them. So, tell her congrats on that rip. I remember when my gymmie got her 1st rip. She insisted on bandaging her hand to go to school the next day and used enough tape for 3 or 4 hands. Of course, everyone asked her what she had done and she proudly explained about getting a rip. My guess is most of the kids didn't get it, but she got lots of attention anyway.

Now, rips are just an annoyance and nothing she wants to celebrate:)
Congratz to her!! I know, weird thing to throw a big fit about LOL. Well, she's working hard and it shows right through her hands!:):D Better get that tape ready!;)
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