First T&T meet coming up soon.

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Nov 5, 2018
What should I expect?

Over the years our family became quite adept at Artistic gymnastics meet weekends. But here we are approaching my daughter's first T&T meet. And I know nothing.

I see on the schedule there is a warm up time at the beginning of the day. Does she go to that? Is there a warm up time before the event as well? Do we need to hang around or appear significantly before a listed event time just incase a meet is running early or do they try to stay on schedule. Do we pop in and out of the meet venue, or do we hang out there all day?

Our family is approaching this as a grand new adventure. But I sure dont want to mess these first couple of meets due to unpreparedness. So if you have any tips or tricks based on your past experience let me know pleeeeease.
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I will preface this by saying I am in Canada, so there could be a bit of difference with how things run in the states, but I have also been to a meet overseas, and it ran pretty much the same.

In my experience, unless you are the first flight or two, it never runs on time. They try not to run too early, but definitely leave some wiggle room (like, an hour). Competing without warmup first sucks, but sometimes they are 20 mins ahead, sometimes 2hrs behind.

Ask the coach about the first warmup. For us, we only need to do it if we compete in the first couple hours, but other coaches make everyone come.

Our competitions run blocks, usually morning/afternoon, and there is a general warmup before each. otherwise, you just try to grab a bit of floor, jump around, stretch, etc before your event.

As for staying, I know there has been clubs where they want you there all day, but most people (if you have more than an hourish between events) come and go. It depends on what's close, but try to check with your coach about whether they are cool with you leaving. Bring something to do during times when your daughter isn't competing, but has to be there. I started bringing cross stitch. Its great (although the little kids look at me a bit odd)
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UK based here, timings here are allowed to be 1 hour early maximum but obviously delays are limitless. They have to do general warm up ie running and stretching wherever they can find space then they get either a 2 touch warm up on the track/tramp or a set amount of time.
We generally hang around in the venue but others leave. Definitely take something to do , and chargers if that thing is electronic.
Other than national level competitions it is generally very relaxed here.
Good luck and hope you enjoy.
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Which meet? I might be able to help more if I can see the schedule, but in our experience, the warm-up times are reserved for level 8+ except for regionals/nationals because the rules about number of touches for those levels changes if they are offered a general warm-up. Under level 8 they get the same number of touches regardless. Usually, with local meets, you will compete all events within one session, which will have its own open stretch/report time so you don’t have to be there all day or pop in and out, but if it’s something like Dallas Cup or a Mega Meet, that all changes. If it is a bigger meet, then your coaches should tell you when to report (usually a half hour before the scheduled start time at our gym). Then you are free to leave, grab a bite to eat, chill in your hotel room, whatever if you have time between events (and awards if they do those throughout the day). You can PM me if you want with meet name and levels and I can look at the schedule and maybe help you out some more.
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