First time going to a gym

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Oct 2, 2008
A few days ago my friend, little brother, and I all went to a gym.
It was really cool, I thought we were just gonna try stuff by ourselfs, ( it was open gym) but a coach came over and said we were scaring him, and we used no technique, just brute force.

Then he asked us what we wanted to learn and I said back handsprings, (I didn't know proper forum.) after awhile I get proper forum on them. and he asked if I ever did gymnastics before, and also said I could have gone far in it or something.

It was cool!

I also learned a gainer on the hard floor and a standing front tuck.
Feb 26, 2007
That sounds like a great first gym experience. Glad you found a coach who was happy to help you reach your own goals.

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