Parents First Win in All-Around!

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My 6-year-old Level 4 won her first All-Around yesterday - yeah for her! She had a great meet. Here's the best part - she came off the floor after the meet, and the first thing she said to me was, "I won, Mommy, will you post it my meet on Chalk Bucket?" it is :D

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Wow! What a meet. She looks absolutely beautiful! Her lines are so straight and lovely. Love her bars! Way to go. I'm sure this is just the 1st time time, taking 1st place AA. She will definately be up there again and again.
What a great meet !! Thank you for sharing that special moment. tell her how proud all of her CB cheerleaders are of her !!!

She has lovely form - could you send that fairy our way? :)
:applause:WOW!!!!! Congratulations!!! She so totally deserved that 1st AA...those were some awsome routines!!! Way to go!!! Good for you!!!!:thumbsup: Great video mom...I feel like I was there! Thanks for sharing!
WOW! She does better at age six than my 8 year old does! She's phenomenal & really has lovely form...CONGRATS on the FIRST PLACE! What a great day and thanks for sharing with us. Tell her we think she did AWESOME!
She is soooo good! I can't believe she is only 6! She did awesome and must be so proud of herself. I love her bars...she is strong! Great job!!:)
Congratulations! Very polished routines from a very young gymmie! I am sure she will have many more 1st AA's in the future.
Wow!! What a great meet!! I can't believe how poised and composed she is for 6 years old!!!!! She is a beautiful gymnast!!! Great job and congrats!!!!
Woo Hoo!

DD is still excited from her first time being 1st in AA last week. It is such a proud moment for them, and us!

She looks very confident and did a great job.
Hi BT! I just watched the video. She is adorable... nice and tight, hitting her routines. She'll be catching up to her big sisters before too much longer! Great meet!
Great job! DD watched her routines with me and says, "WOW!" Placing top 3 in the AA is a great accomplishment and taking first is awesome! Make room for more trophies!

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