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Dec 22, 2016
I want to get more active. I used to go to the gym but not so much anymore. I dont have a love or hate of any piece of equipment. I want to find something that's easy to do at home, doesnt take up too much space, and maybe my kids (11dd gymnasts and 8dd softball player) could use for exercise on rainy days.

Here are my thoughts:
  • I see these fancy mirror things which look tempting but are a bigger financial commitment. I am not saying no to those but not sure if I should start smaller. Think the kids could fine the Yoga stuff fun and maybe as they get older some lighter weight training.
  • Exercise bike or rowing machine better? Which would the kids be more likely to use?
  • I would really prefer not to get a treadmill they just seem to take up a lot of space right? and I am not a runner, and I would prefer to stay low impact if gymnast dd will use it cause she tends to have feet issues already.
  • So what does everyone have an love???
I hope you can find something everyone will use! When it comes to exercise machines we are a mismatched house- I prefer an elliptical, my husband will only use a treadmill, and my gymnast (also a rower) prefers a rowing machine. Ha.
We have a treadmill and a free standing pull up bar. The treadmill doesn't really take up that much space because it folds up. My husband uses them the most. I do virtual zumba and free weight circuit classes that my favorite fitness instructor from the gym started.
I would try something like Beachbody on Demand....huge variety of workouts for something like $12/month. Some need light dumbbells or resistance bands, and some need no equipment.
I'd just get one of those adjustable-weight dumbell sets, and a set of resistance bands. MAAAYBE a pull-up bar if you're feeling ambitious. That (and perhaps a bit of coaching) are all you need for full-body at-home workouts.
You don't need the Mirror for great instructor-led workouts. I like Les Mills, the Sweat app, and Yoga By Adriene. If you don't want to pay for Les Mills or Sweat, you can find a lot of free kettlebell and HIIT workouts on the web. Kettlebells and dumbbells have been a hot commodity since last March, but are getting easier to find.

I really want Fightcamp (like Peloton for boxing), but I'm not willing to sacrifice the floor space the heavy bag would take up.
We have a very small space but invested in a treadmill that can fold, leaving us with a small amount of floor space. Between all of us, it's getting a fair amount of use. I was looking at the Mirrors for strength training but decided that I'll get a free standing floor mirror and an ipad holder as we already have a membership that allows us access to the Mirror classes. We can stream them through the ipad which I'll set up next to the mirror. I'm going to get a small dumbell set and we'll have a small gym set up as we already have resistance bands and a ball.
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Working out at home is not that difficult, the main thing is that you have to be motivated. Add activity, go for walks together if the weather is nice. There are free programs by Chloe Ting, they are good but quite hard. I'm sure you'll find something for yourself.
So I really only like trail running but our city has a mask mandate that includes all public running and hiking trails and I just can't seem to run with the mask on. I had to move my workouts indoors. I hate treadmills and most cardio equipment, so i ended up subscribing to a digital workout program run by an old friend call Tootsie Olan Digital Studio and turns out that I LOVE it. She does a free one week trial and then I think it is $20 a month to include workouts (dance based but not difficult dancing, thankfully!) and yoga workouts.
I think if the weather was better I would do more walks but I HATE being cold so I have had difficulty getting motivated to walk outside right now. I wanted something easy I can do indoors while listening to a book or watching a dumb netflix show. I feel like that would make the time go faster even when I am not motivated. I feel like once I get a better routine of working out going even if its low intensity to start I would be more motivated to work in work out videos as well.
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