Fixing mats

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I've recently tried swimming pool patch kits. I have them on our inflatable slide, vinyl mats, and even the mesh sides of mats. They seem to be working so far.

If I can get the foam out, the local upholstery shop will sew it. If I need "fabric" I'll cut it off the underside of mats I NEVER move... like under the bars.

And then I found a car top repair place that did work on convertible top sports cars. The guy was hurting for work and would PICK UP the mats that were torn.
He's nice to work with and is very helpful!
I echo the duct tape/Carpet tape response, but as bog said, get the good stuff! We do a big repair of all our mats once a year and some have lasted us for over 20 years! We've also used spray adhesive if the 'carpet' is coming off too badly on biscuit type mats.
Duct tape is a good option for fixing almost anything. Also if the foam inside is shot you can replace it with stock foam from a local distributor or furniture reupholster.
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