Flashing Vault Start Values

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I thought I read somewhere that at Level 7 - 10, the coach or gymnast must flash the start value of their vault, is this correct, my daughter competed at Level 7 last year and I don't remeber her or her coach flashing any values. Can someone enligthen me on this? Thanks!


Aug 29, 2007
For the last couple years of level 7, as a coach all I needed to do was tell the judges what vault the gymnast would be competing. Since most of the girls in Level 7 still vault a handspring you didn't need to flash anything. All the meets that I've been to up through level 8 we just told the judge before the gymnast went what she was going to do. I don't know if its the same in level 9/10?


Jun 24, 2008
It just depends on the meet. At most small meets, the coach tells the judges what each gymnast is planning on doing. At larger meets, it's more common to have a vault number flasher. I'm pretty sure I did this at L8 and 9 state, as well as Circle of Stars and at Navy Pier (Chicago Style?). I've never seen a coach put up the start value of a vault, only its number. It makes no sense to only flash the SV because there are a number of vaults that have the same SV, and the judges are always supposed to know the intended vault.


Jul 5, 2007
Sometimes they flash the number (i.e. 330) from a flasher thing at the end of the runway. Although around here, even at our bigger meets, usually the coach just tells the judge whatever it is from down near the vault (all levels). Definitely at states the coach usually just says it here. At regionals they usually flash it. The judges just want you to call what the vault is. They can look the SV up themselves after the vault if they have to.
Aug 2, 2008
east coast
Coaches dont flash start values- judges do. Also at L7 all vaults come from a 10- no flashing necessary-it no brainer for the judges.

Gym kat is correct that at smaller meets, coaches just announce the vault to the judges. If its L8 or up, the judge will either say the start value or flash it.
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gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Also the judges are usually watching warm up and can see what vaults will be done. Alot of chatting over on vault between the judges and coaches. I've heard the gymnast tell the judge what she'll do for her 2nd vault(if competing 2 different vaults). I've noticed the judges keep a laminated sheet in front of them with a listing of all of the vaults and SV for each level.
Apr 9, 2007
the only times I've ever needed to flash the score was for regionals and nationals. As others have stated, I'll usually just tell the judge what the gymnast plans on doing. But there are times when the judge will give a gymnast a different sv than the vt you announed. I have a couple level 9's that do a layout/pike yurchenko...depends the turn.
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